I loved the way she dresses. The way all her clothes would somehow show the contours of her body so faithfully and never betrayed them no matter what she wore. There’s this one dress I would never forget, and the time I had from passing a compliment.

When I walked into the bar, I saw this one lady seated on the bar chair by the counter, alone.

Bare backed, save for two thin lines that crossed her back, with one pair going over the top of her shoulder, while the bottom trailed off around her tummy to loosely hold the front of dress towards her. Black, loose, but elegant. You could almost make out her svelte outline under her dress.

It was dimly lit and I couldn’t make out until I came closer on her right – there was no bra strap, I thought it might have been skin coloured. Noticing a side boob, I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on them while I leaned against the counter and slowly glanced over to the barkeep to call for a drink.

As I looked up to peel my eyes away from her to do so, I noticed that her head turn towards her right, towards me, slowly then stare at me in the eyes. She caught me.

Her eyes, they were strangely non-descript. They weren’t blank, just – unsurprised that I was staring. It wasn’t as if her eyes were unattractive either. They complimented her features. A slight eye shadow, a cute nose, sharp chin, and cheeks that rounded off really nicely, a little red as well.

“This man will pay the next round for me.” the barkeep was within earshot as she said this while looking at me. There was no response, just a swift exchange of her emptied drink for a full one.

“And for you, sir?”

I drew my attention to the barkeep “A gin and tonic, please”.

Turning back, she had already turned to face me, sitting deeper into the bar chair while crossing her legs, leaving her dress to rest one towards onside revealing her legs up to between her thigh and knees. A bigger treat than her side boob, but it got me wondering if she was wearing anything else under that dress, a strapless bra or a pasties perhaps.

Throughout the next hour with the live band in the background, I learnt that Natalie was a mid-level executive in an auditing company at in the CBD area. Comes by about once a month to this place, just to relieve a bit of the tension alone. Had a thing for clubbing but she decided maybe it was time to slow down and just enjoy a drink alone.

She didn’t come across as the type that would like to be alone. During our conversations, I would steal glances at her legs, lose myself a little bit every when she turned to lean her arms against the bar top revealing her side boob, and she seemed to enjoy doing that while appearing to be appreciating the company of one more person.

I leaned towards her to whisper into her ear, to quell a curiosity that piqued be the whole time.

“I’m really curious, but are you wearing anything underneath the top half of your dress?”

Pulling herself back, she just smiled widely not giving an answer for a while before leaning into me.

“How will you find out? Do you have somewhere private nearby?”

I knew what she was hinting and quickly settled the bill.

“Fortunately, I do have somewhere nearby.”

I was referring to a corporate room I had after the clients I had to host for the week, left 2 days early. Having already paid for the room, the company decided to let me stay there for whatever it’s worth.

Closing the door of our room behind us, she removed her footwear and proceeded to the front of the bed. With her back still facing me, she moved the top straps of her black dress to drop it to the carpet floor, revealing exactly what I had imagine.

Removing my belt as I moved towards her, and I attempted to pull her back towards me to smell her hair, to hug her tummy with one hand while grabbing her breasts with the other.

She resisted my hug, and turned herself towards me revealing her full bare breasts to me. Her nipples were already hard as she pulled the front of my pants aside and lowered it with my underwear to feel my hard on. I stared down right at her breasts and let my hands follow the curve of her body, down her sides to her hips and slipped them under her black laced thong to feel her butt.

Pausing from stroking my cock, she pulled my hands aside to lower her thong while she signalled me to remove whatever clothing I still had on, and gestured me to lie on the bed.

Wasting no time, she grabbed a black rubber band to tie her long brunette dyed hair and returned to the bed. I knew what was coming.

“I’ve been hungry to put one of these in my mouth for a long time now.” as she laid herself in between my legs, bracing herself with one knee below her.

I stirred a little as she played with my scrotum, cupping it and squeezing it gently with one hand, while she stroked the length of my cock with the other. Moving her head over it, she wrapped her mouth around the top, licking it several rounds in her mouth before moving to take in the whole shaft. The wet softness of her mouth moving along my member and her fingers massaging my balls was a sensation I haven’t felt in a long time.

I sat up as she continued to service me, to reach her breast with one hand and twirled my fingers around her nipple. She let out muffled moans as I alternated between squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples slowly.

Natalie’s moans grew louder, and her pussy grew wetter the longer she gave her amazing blowjob – but she stopped and move up towards me to push me down towards the bed. Spreading her legs over me, she kissed me as she led my right hand to her shaven vagina – she was wet, to the point she was dripping down the inside of her thigh.

She moved her hips down slightly, that was her cue that she wanted to fuck. I wrapped my arms around her petite body as she lowered her vagina onto my raw cock while kissing her. As it slowly entered her, she stopped breathing as if all her focus was on slowly enjoying a cock sliding into her wet pussy.

Letting out a resounding moan as she took my cock fully, she started to breathe slowly again while she tried to restrain her moans. I could feel her vagina gripping onto me as I thrust myself slowly into her as she moved, despite her strong grip, I was fucking her with such ease from how wet she was.

Upping the pace, I slapped her ass as she braced her arms on my shoulders as she rode herself. I love a woman on top, seeing Natalie like this was a view I would never forget.

She commanded me to pound her as she moved herself up to turn around on all fours. Placing my hands on her hips to take her from behind, I realised she was tighter in the doggy position. Her moans were louder too as I fucked her like this, it was a turn on that just made me fuck her faster.

As I fucked her faster, she lowered herself slightly and gripped onto the bedsheet. I could tell she was cumming.

“Don’t stop, keep fucking me” moaning out as her breaths became more audible as she started to grip her vagina tighter.

Looking down to her ass, her white juices on my raw cock was an immense turn on.

She stopped breathing for a bit as I felt her vagina spasm in it’s grip. She was having her orgasm silently as I continued to fuck her.

I wanted to have a sight I could remember as I felt my climax coming. Just before I felt myself go over the edge, I removed my cock from her spent vagina and moved towards her face still on the bed and released my load onto her face and hair.

After I was done, she moved her head and put my finished cock into her mouth and licked the sperm up before saying:

“Come, we’ll go into the bathtub, I’m not done yet.”

Cassandra sported a white tank top lined with lime green lines along the hem, and a tight, grey yoga pants as she sat at the foot of her main door putting on her running shoes. Her brown-dyed ponytail hair dangled from the right side of her face, flowing down her breast.

Locking her door, slipping the key under the mat, she jogged her way down the stairs from her 5th storey home.

At 8.45 p.m. she reached her self designated start point, just like clockwork. Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, she would be there in the same outfit for the same run. Today wasn’t a routine, the Saturday before she lost to a friend in a game of truth or dare. Needless to say, it was an act of revenge from Cassandra’s suggestion for a forfeit – 7 minutes in Heaven with 2 other guys.

The forfeit Cassandra had to do was slightly different. She had to go through her usual routine with a caveat – without her underwear, and she had to masturbate once. To guarantee that she did this, Mike – one of the two guys, would trail her along the route and take a video of her act for their group to see on the following Saturday for their usual round of debauchery.

Friday, the last round of forfeit before she would complete her end of the game, and be the centre of their group for that few minutes where they revel in her videos. She was in a quiet way, the jewel of the group – the tightest butt, wettest pussy, the body to kill for, and the best blowjobs. No one said anything, especially the 2 guys – why would they when it was a group of 5. For the girls, they were enjoying Cassandra more than they enjoyed the guys.

She caught Mike eyeing her from somewhere further up her usual route as she turned right after crossing the bridge at Pasir Ris Town Park. Her breathing became more pronounced as she continued along her route.

While jogging across the road towards Pasir Ris Park she noticed Mike running just behind her, feeling his gaze slowly move from her bare shoulders, down her slim back, pausing at her round ass. She knew that he wanted to pound her and the thought of this stirred her, but the forfeit couldn’t be ignored.

Having reached the midpoint of her usual route, she knew it was a quiet place. It was a shed at the far end of the park where the path simply ends in a U turn back to the main body. Not the best lid place, secluded from the rest of the place, and hardly anyone goes there because of the dead end.

Instead of the shed, Cassandra proceeded to sit on the bench leading up to it. Soaked in sweat, she looked down at herself. Her top had sunk a little from the sweat, sticking to her body revealing her hard nipples and the top quarter of her B cup breasts. Staring past the her cleavage down between her legs as she breathed slowly – thinking about what it would be like to be fucked there, slowly. To stand with her legs spread slightly open with her pants down to floor at one ankle, leaning forward slightly with a pillar for support, as she slowly moved her hips to slide her wet pussy up and down a cock with her eyes closed so she could fully focus on the sensations a cock can bring.

She closed her eyes as she slid one hand under her top and the other straight to her clitoris, paying no attention to Mike who had started recording and sat himself down right next to her as he absorbed the scene that was unfolding before him.

Cassandra was gradually losing herself into her own world, ignoring the fact she was in full view of the public albeit in a secluded part of it. Unconsciously lifting up her top to reveal her left breast glistening with her own sweat under the lamp as she rubbed her nipple and squeezed her breast, arching her back and ending her moans in tandem with each wave of pleasure from the slow gentle strokes from underneath her yoga pants. All the while, Mike had everything recorded onto his phone.

Her moans turned into gasps as she hastened the rubbing of her clit, feeling herself coming to an orgasm while her feet pushed her butt off the chair as her back buttressed against the bench. Slamming down onto the chair, she could register her feet pulling towards her while her elbows closed in into the centre of her body, but she couldn’t think except to enjoy the orgasm pulsing through her body.

Finally regaining control of herself, she realised she had left an obvious stain on the bench, and was greeted with Mike still holding onto to his phone as he focused into it instead of her.

Unsatisfied, she took hold of Mike’s hand and left the phone on the bench with the camera facing up. She proceeded to lead him behind the bench as she pulled down her yoga pants to expose her round butt to the salty air of the sea. Rolling her top up above her breasts, she motioned for Mike to begin fucking her.

As he rubbed his hard cock outside of Cassandra’s pussy, she turned her head towards the left side biting her lips at the feeling of having a cock rubbing against her.

“Fuck me slowly, Mike. Slowly -” she let out a long moan as Mike inserted his raw cock into her.

Taking control of the pace, she said: “I want to enjoy every, inch, of your cock here tonight.”


Natalie was upset on a Wednesday night. Two nights ago, her boyfriend was supposed to meet her at their favourite restaurant, to have a meal and return to his place to copulate. Instead, she was kept waiting for half an hour before she found out that he was still stuck at work – despite her repeated calls to his office.

It didn’t help that she really wanted to fuck him on Monday, but was left to go home alone and satisfy herself. What is a girl to do alone with herself when she’s so used to getting off on a stiff, raw cock thrusting inside of her, with a pair of hands grabbing onto her ample bosoms while she tightens her legs around her lover and squirm her way to an orgasm.

Even now, her boyfriend was still at work but she needed to fulfil her craving.

Drying her porcelain skin while she stepped out of her shower to make her way to her full length mirror, she stroked her shaven vagina a few times. Still wet from the orgasm she had from using her showerhead, she thought. She could tell that the wetness was from her, judging from the different consistency it had.

She decided on a tight, black strapless dress that barely covered her bubble butt and wriggled herself into it. Opting out of wearing any brassiere or a thong, she examined herself infront of her mirror reminding herself of the killer curves she had, at the same time, adjusting her dress to ensure her bare breasts were covered for the time being. Tall, slim, endowed with soft breasts larger than most guys can wrap their palms around and a butt that always invites more than just a smack – without fail.

Arriving at the club, she got out of her taxi deliberately showing her shaven pussy to the throngs of guys waiting to enter on a Ladies’ Night. Being a regular, the bouncers let her enter without frisking her – not that she’d mind on a night when she was feeling frisky, their loss anyway.

Meeting her girl friend inside after a few shots, Natalie was deep in the mosh pit grinding her while she returned the favour by fingering Natalie’s already wet pussy in the middle of it all.

Losing herself in the euphoria of the music and alcohol while enjoying the rhythmic strokes down below, she felt two firm hands rest on her wide hips. Gently pushing her friend away, she turned around to put a face to the stranger, pushing herself against him and allowed his hands to roam around her pantyless butt.

She knew he realised that she wasn’t wearing anything else below when she felt some movement from his pants as she grinned at his primal reaction.

Natalie purposefully pushed her breasts into his chest then raised herself slightly towards his ear and hinted to him to find out what else she wasn’t wearing while the top of her black dress slipped down sufficiently to reveal the top of her pink nipples in under the colourful pulsating lights.

The stranger introduced himself as Rodney and led her deeper into the pit, towards the far side of it at the edge. Facing the wall with him behind her, she could feel his hard on growing while she gyrated her hips as he slipped his hands down her top to her breasts, and up to her leaking pussy.

Other girls stared in envy because she was the sole attention of Rodney. Kissing her neck, squeezing her breasts, fingering her ever wet vagina. It wasn’t her first time she leaked or had an orgasm on the pit, but it was her first time having one this openly.

Her passionate moans were loud, but were muffled by the music, as she shuddered in Rodney’s arms from her orgasm.

This time, Rodney lowered himself to Natalie’s ear. “I have a hotel room nearby, I’m taking you there so you can return the favour.” Her mind went blank. It wasn’t a proposition – it was sheer domination.

Tonight certainly wasn’t her virgin experience in receiving an orgasm from another guy. Occasionally, she would receive a random, discrete fingering on the dance floor. Getting fucked by another guy, this was something else.

Under 10 minutes, they were in his room and Natalie wasted no time in pushing Rodney onto the bed, bunning up her hair, stripping both of them, and presented her wet, shaven pussy onto his mouth, assuming the 69 position as she stared at the veins of Rodney’s fully erected cock while she stroked it slowly. She didn’t bother to draw the curtains to cover the 27th storey view overlooking the city – she wanted to be fucked good and she couldn’t give a damn if the world was going to see Rodney fucking her brains out.

She gently kissed the tip of his cock then formed an “O” with her mouth and took the full length of his shaft. Natalie’s moans were muffled as she enjoyed having a full cock in her mouth, a tongue flicking at her clit, and a thick finger thrusting against her g-spot, all at the same time.

Being unable to contain herself any longer from the concurrent attention she was receiving below, she buckled under her own weight as she gasped and trembled under the ecstatic waves of orgasmic sensation throughout her body.

“We’re not done yet” Rodney rolled her over and sat himself up, moving her head over his unsatisfied cock while Natalie positioned herself into a more comfortable position. With both hands on her head, he slowly moved her head up and down his cock, commanding the rhythm of the blowjob as she moaned each time the tip of his cock reached the back of her throat.

Taking over the pace of the blowjob, Natalie looked up at Rodney as he laid back to fully enjoy Natalie’s soft lips as she continued to suck away, slurping each time she reaches the tip.

Realising that Rodney still wasn’t reaching his first orgasm, Natalie cut her blowjob short, and spread her cum around her pussy as she turned around and hovered it above his cock. Grabbing onto his shaft, she slowly lowered her tight pussy onto his raw cock and let out a slow, trembling moan as his cock slowly entered fully into her rubbing against her g-spot.

Leaning forward slightly spreading the weight of her body on her knees by the side and her hands in between Rodney’s legs, she moved her pussy up and down the full length of his cock slowly. Enjoying every pass the tip makes against her g-spot.

Gaining speed, her pussy grew wetter, smearing her white cum on Rodney’s bare cock, as moans unconsciously got louder, and her vagina tightened around his shaft.

Rodney slowed her down a little, and pulled Natalie back so that she would lay down with her back on him, and spread her legs out while Rodney continued to stay inside her. Once settled, his hands roamed around her nipples as he fucked her while she focused on her clit.

Squeezing out her words in between Rodney’s relentless thrusts, Natalie pleaded him to fuck her faster while she was cumming, letting out a high pitch moan as she lost control of her lower body, squirting a little while she gripped his hands tightly.

Her boyfriend could never make her squirt. She was convinced she couldn’t. Tonight, that changed.

“Get up. We’re not stopping until I’m done. Go over to the table.”

Natalie grabbed her phone from her bag by the table and turned on the video camera to record their tryst as she tried to recover her breath. She has never been fucked like that before, cumming multiple times before the guy could cum.

She pressed the red button on her screen and confirmed that the was recording before facing the main camera towards them, on the table. Lowering herself over the table, she ensured that they were both going to be in the frame and invited Rodney to start fucking her from behind.

Rodney fully inserted his cock into her and Natalie reacted by clenching her fists tightly and biting her lower lips at the sensation of being filled up again. Natalie always liked the doggy position. She could feel the full length of cock this way, and this one was reaching deeper than where her boyfriend could reach.

Accelerating his thrusts into her, Natalie couldn’t think about anything else but the deep, relentless fucking she was getting. Rodney’s stamina was astounding, and she was being fucked for the longest time.

“I can cum to this”, Rodney groaned out as he smacked Natalie’s ass repeatedly – to assert his dominance over her as she screamed.

Feeling another orgasm well up, Natalie tightened her wet pussy again while her moans grew shorter – noticing this, Rodney increased his pace.

A long muffled moan escaped from her as she climaxed again, while Rodney spilled his load into her. Panting, he removed his cock from her and watched their cum drip down Natalie’s slim legs.

After what felt like an eternity, Natalie recovered from the last session. She took her phone which was still recording and turned it over to face the mirror, putting her in the frame from the lip down, and Rodney in the background with a recovering erection. Deliberately moaning as she slides two fingers up into her vagina to coat them, and sensually licks the cum of the two fingers, simulating a blowjob.

Satisfied with whatever was recorded now, she stopped the recording, placed her phone back on the table and turned around to a fully erected Rodney sitting by the edge of the bed. He wasn’t done yet.

If cheating could feel this good. This will be the first of many.

Eyeing her bare body in the mirror, she twirled to her sides to follow the contours of her jet black hair, down to her arch of her back, pushing out her perky butt.

Having studied the “S” her back beautifully formed, she playfully placed her palm on the cheek of her rear and gave it a gentle squeeze before facing herself forward in the mirror again. With her hair barely covering her pink nipples, she drew her head to the side in one swift motion to reveal her 34B breasts in its full glory.

Tracing the back of her fingers from her collar bone, following down the centreline of her nubile body past her freshly trimmed bush, spreading the lips of her pussy open and feeling her vagina.

“A dry vagina huh, that’s got to change” she mumbled while she looked past her breasts below squeezing her left breast and teasing her nipple.

It was 2.00 p.m. in the afternoon in December, and her family had left for an extended holiday. Instead of taking a vacation, she had other plans – plans to satisfy her voracious appetite.

Alone in her home with too much time on her hands, she walked casually across the living room out from the kitchen toilet, ignoring the barely translucent curtains, to reach her room.

Her mother always did the laundry, thus she could not afford to hide her vibrator in her wardrobe. Instead, she opted to purchase a yellow rubber ducky vibrator from a website she accidentally came across once, one that she can hide in plain view of her family. Occasionally she would come home to find the vibrator in a different position than when she left it. Twice, she came home to it warm – both instances, only her younger sister was at home alone, and she flushed red upon seeing Rebecca.

Rebecca wasn’t always like this. In fact, she was the quiet type. Until she met her ex-boyfriend in secondary school, who brought her to a secluded staircase and introduced her to her first albeit incomplete, sexual encounter. Her near first orgasm was voluntarily interrupted when she told her ex-boyfriend to stop – because she felt something weird welling up down below.

Quickly grabbing her yellow toy, she picked up her laptop and phone, she left for the leather sofa in the living room. This was one thing she wanted to do for a while, to have an orgasm in the living room with no one around, but loud enough for her neighbours to hear.

Rebecca was a squirter. Everytime she masturbated herself to ecstasy, she would leave a mess on the floor in place of her bed. It would be much simpler to clean up.

Back when she was 16 – her first orgasm, thankfully was in the wee hours of the morning while she attempted to study for her exams. Distracted by the pleasure of playing with her nipples, and instinctively reaching down to rub where her ex-boyfriend did so, she continued till she squirted on her fabric chair. There, she panicked, and hoped that it would be dry before anyone else discovered that it was wet the following morning.

Placing her pink laptop on the glass coffee table, she turned it on while she shifted her attention to her phone to look for her next appointment. At 4.30 p.m. later, her friends would drop by for “gathering” to celeberate the end of their exams.

Thinking about what might entail later involving 2 guys and 4 girls, her pussy slowly grew wetter. Stretching out her hand to have her phone’s front camera get a better view of her trimmed pussy with the glistening juices, she snapped a picture and sent it to the Whatsapp group chat for a preview of what to expect.

Having heard the delightful tone of her Windows laptop start up finally to the desktop, she went straight to her secret folder where she had her videos of her trysts with her ex-boyfriend.

As if it were second nature to her, she opened up her favourite clip and blew it up to full screen with the volume on. It was when she was at his place, similarly, without his family home about 2 years back, before entering JC. Positioning herself on top of him, bearing her butt to the camera, she gripped his cock with her hand behind her and lowered her already dripping vagina onto his cock – at that point of the recording, she was already at her third orgasm in the short session. Hungry for more, she thrust her hips with his cock inside her while putting her weight on his shoulders. With each thrust revealing more of the thick white juices from her vagina, and her breathing getting more audible.

She couldn’t unglue her eyes from the screen as she laid down on the sofa. Making sure her pussy was facing the direction of the living room windows, she lifted one leg up onto the headrest while she turned on her rubber ducky and pressed it against her clit.

Her moans coming from her and her recording filled the living room. Instinctively massaging her nipples, turning herself on to the point where she was dripping onto the sofa. Wishing she had a cock to thrust into her, she dropped her vibrator and slid her middle finger into her pussy in search of her g-spot.

Rubbing against the magical spot, she could hear herself getting wetter with each stroke while she tried contain herself.

Gradually, she had both hands down below, rubbing her clit with 3 fingers thrusting rapidly into herself. No longer paying attention to her own sex tape being played on repeat, she closed her eyes and let out a long moan as she approached her orgasm.

Crossing the point of no return, she lost control of her body, aware that her back was contorted, she felt the pleasurable release of her orgasm and her hot juices squirting out onto the family sofa as her screamed echoed in the empty house.

Without a thought, she licked her fingers to taste her own cum while she searched for the clock.

“2.24 p.m., perhaps time to take out the big toy” were the only words that resounded in her horny mind.


It was 11.40 p.m. on a Friday night when Jake reached the elevator landing of his HDB flat. Tired, with his heavy black leather bag in hand, he entered the elevator and selected the 15th storey. Finally ending his long week, all he could think of was Rachel, his girlfriend of 3 years now.

He took his time in walking the considerably long distance to his front door, fumbling for his keys in his bag. He could not help but recall of the last time he was truly satisfied.

After his parents retired to Australia 2 years ago, they left the flat in his care. He had not been more ecstatic when they told him. Little did he know about the myriad of stresses about owning a flat, and he learned it the hard way. But he was happy, he and his girlfriend of a year during that time, could finally let loose. No more of spending money on a sleazy hotel room for a night, or having to have quiet a rendezvous at her place on a weekend afternoon.

They had a place to effectively call their own and could fuck each others brains out. What more could two working, 24 year olds ask for? Other than a place to retreat to every night for that single, explosive moment. Some nights, maybe more.

Endless Friday nights of love making without a care in the world. Morning surprises with breakfast skipped. Showers where saving water was an excuse, but it went on for more than an hour.

Fast forward to the present day, things have changed. Their libido has dwindled, stress was taking its toll on Jake. Rachel appeared to be dissatisfied, and nothing was being done to reignite their burning desire for each other.

He expected Rachel to have been asleep by now, given that he has been working on a large project in his company that is nearing completion – late nights have been a given.

The slit below the main door was unlit – the living room lights were off in “their” 4 room apartment. This has been a recurring pattern in the recent months. As he slotted the key in and opened the main door and noticed the living room window on his left was open – overlooking that Rachel was standing on the opposite site, by the kitchen with the lights on behind her.

Dressed in translucent laced nightie with an ice cream in her mouth, she leaned her right shoulder against the door and stared at Jake with a fervent intent. Draped over her ample, bra-less breasts and ending just below her vagina, Jake could make out with the ambient light that the nightie was the only thing on her well-proportioned body.

Closing the door behind him, Rachel turned off the lights behind her and walked towards Jake still licking her ice cream provocatively. She knew that Jake had been hungry for sex in the recent week, and now, she too wanted the same thing he craved.

A good pounding.

Guessing at what might finally happen, wondered when was their last time as he felt his pants tighten.

She dropped her ice cream stick while feeling a wetness down below and undid Jake’s pants. On her knees, she grabbed his now throbbing shaft and put her pearl white cheeks against it. Looking up into Jake’s eyes in the dark, she licked the length of his member while caressing his balls, she sought the one moan that he would release. The one moan that will indicate that she has been successful in luring Jake into a night where they might both be satisfied.

Putting both hands on her soft hair while she started to take his cock whole, wrapping the length of it with her mouth, he moaned, trembled a little as he inched his hard cock into her mouth a little more with each stroke. She knew this was it.

By now, she was dripping wet. She continued with her blowjob and slid her hand down between her thighs. A wetness that she hasn’t felt in a long time she thought, this wholesome, thick, juice that was all so familiar. Sliding her finger in with an ease she surprised herself, she found herself craving for more.

She slid his cock out of her mouth, and wiped her saliva on her nightie as she dropped it on the floor. Removing Jake’s top, she leaned her perky butt on the living room sofa’s armrest and wrapped one leg around him and pulled him in closer.

Under the dim, ambient light from the opposite block, her breasts and shaven pussy was revealed to Jake.

Taking the hint, Jake held her by her hip with both hands, and gently slid his member into Rachel. She squeezed her face as she tried to take his cock in and a loud moan escaped her mouth when Jake started to slowly thrust into her.

Jake moaned louder when Rachel squeezed her muscles down below, tightening her grip on him. She could feel her own cum trickling its way down the inside of her thigh as Jake increased his pace. Bracing herself for his increased pace, she pulled him closer and dug her fingers into his back.

Approaching her climax, she moaned into his ears and begged him:

“Faster baby, don’t stop”

Having not heard those words in a long time, he willed himself for that little bit longer. He too was cumming.

She felt his warm liquid spill into her as she released her bite off Jake’s left shoulder to let out one last moan before her mind went blank and she lost control of her legs. Jake grabbed hold of her, giving her whatever thrusts he could. Leaving his cock inside her cum filled vagina, he embraced her while she slowly came back.

Still feeling horny, she pulled his cock out and let it all trickle down her legs. Her concern wasn’t the curious stares from the opposite block, they couldn’t see anything, all they knew was that a woman was moaning in ecstasy and it abruptly stopped.

A broken trail of their cum was left behind while she took Jake’s hand to lead him into the bedroom. There, she laid on her back with her butt on the edge of the bed and she propped her legs up into the air, spreading them to reveal her wet, hungry vagina. She was unsatisfied.

Her grin spread when she saw Jake getting hard again.