Jacob had been eyeballing Anna for a long time now, ever since the start of the semester. She frequently wore tight spaghetti strap tops that pressed against her strapless bra underneath complemented with tight denim shorts. No push up variants were needed and still a pleasing cleavage from her B/C cups could be admired from afar, teasing the boys in class while being the center of jealousy amongst the girls. The denim shorts she wore never ceased to draw long stares, it was never a sight to be tired of.

Standing at 1.65m tall, she was easy to catch from afar. Sporting brown dyed hair, seemingly soft that ended at her waist, it was Jacob’s favourite type. There were plenty of girls with similar traits around school, but only Anna carried with her an air of elegance in her demeanor without coming across as slutty. It was her facial features that prevented that look. Slightly rounded chin leading to a soft jawline that elongated the face slightly, with a wide pink smile that spread across. Her eyes, strikingly large that never had the need for contact lenses to achieve any effect.

The solo assignment was due on morning after, at 8.00 a.m. Most of the cohort had decided to hole up in the library in the midst of all the law reports and other legal material, or stay in the comfort of their homes in the advent of the digital age where cases were readily available on subscription based portals. Unwilling to be with the crowd of maybe 50 odd law students, Jacob decided to stay in the dedicated computer lab that was earmarked for the course on the third floor of the school. The computers at this lab had access to the digital portal and its air-conditioning was separate and independent from central control.

Jacob wasn’t alone that Friday evening. A few other students had the same idea along with Anna. These students have the habit of submitting their assignments early, Anna on the otherhand had the unfortunate reputation of handing hers in minutes before the designated closing time.

The lab was filled with the cacophony of furious and deliberate keystrokes, occasionally broken by a disgruntled groan, presumably from a misinterpretation of the law or a case, resulting in having to redo an entire page or section. Jacob was no different, absorbed in his own world of legal precedents and worldly references from the internet since that morning, taking a break only to grab a sandwich for lunch, fully focused only on drafting a sound legal opinion for an albeit fictional client. Oblivous to Anna being seated across him, just a computer to his right, quietly listening to her music through neon pink earphones, lost in her own world of on-line window shopping, idling her time away despite the impending deadline.

With the way that Anna sat across from him, he didn’t realise he had the golden opportunity to oggle at her cleavage while her face was blocked out by the monitor as the screens were set high, thus leaving a gap between the table and bottom of the screen. If he looked for even 30 seconds, he may have noticed that Anna appeared to have given up.

Deciding it was time for a quick dinner, Jacob stood up and quickly took notice of Anna, lingered his gaze on her baby face then lowering and resting his eyes on her cleavage, not realising that Anna glanced briefly at him catching his little peek. When she caught him, Anna reached down to her right feet to adjust her footware while still being seated, letting her top briefly revealing a little more skin and the hot pink bra to Jacob.

Before walking past her, Jacob offered to get her something. Anna seductively bit the side of her lips and looked up, then smiled and shook her head, letting her eyes pause midway for a fleeting moment as if glancing at something along Jacob’s torso. She did notice and secretly enjoyed the fact that Jacob did not make eye contact with her, but was distracted by her chest.

As Jacob walked past her to exit, she freed herself from her earphones to look around and noticed banter in the air about the other remaining students intending to leave in a few minutes, wrapping up whatever they have to head home and finish up there. Anna had plans now, seeing as the lab was going to be empty. She packed her items into her small backpack and shifted herself next to where Jacob was seated. From there, she could monitor the main door to see who was still left in the lab, while her back faced a row of cupboards guaranteeing that no one could peep at her phone.

Her knees were tucked to her breasts, as if she were squatting on the chair. Then she put on her earphones again and dived back into the wonderful world of the internet, she manoeuvred her browser into “incognito” mode and typed into the address bar her favourite tumblr address. A little unknown outlet where she could frequently squander her hours away, with one hand on the phone scrolling through the pornographic gifs and videos of amateur couples having a good time, while the other hand found solace in relieving the pangs of sexual desire in between her legs.

Anna turned over her phone and left it on the table before pulling her head back, and hugged her knees against her chest, then looked up at the ceiling while listening intently to the moans that  privately played into her ears. She bobbed her head down quickly when she noticed some movement at the bottom of her peripheral vision and saw that the other coursemates had already finished packing and were waving goodbye to her on their way out. Pleased with the rapid development, she enthusiastically reciprocated the gesture while removing her earphones and walked around after to make sure no one else was around.

She eyed a door that was on the other end of the L shaped room which was occasionally locked due to complaints. Behind that door was a small room that simulated a meeting room. Inside was decorated with a nondescript table with 4 equally nondescript chairs, in one corner was an small, old CRT TV on top of a metal frame that looked like something out of a 1990’s television show, next to a set of windows that overlooked the carpark through the vertical blinds. Within Anna’s little head, she played out the various ways she would tease Jacob when he returned, but she knew it’d be too risky for more than one person to find out her little secret tonight.

Deciding to try her luck, she rested her palm on the cold handle then twisted it to try. Her stomach stirred when the door clicked open and the depressing view of the room, dimly lit with the lights from behind, greeted her. Nonetheless, she pushed the door wide open to step in and flicked the light switch to her right before proceeding to settle down by the desk.

The clock hanging opposite where she sat caught her eye, “Jacob should be back soon.”

That didn’t matter to her. She lifted her black top with one hand and exposed her front hook bra, undoing it to let her breasts grace the room. Instinctively, her left hand roamed to her breasts as she let her head re-enact her solo escapades in the bus trips home at night, and in the school toilets. Squeezing her nipples between her thumb and middle finger, she rubbed her nipple with her index finger, giving her cause to moan slightly as she gradually released herself from the sexual reprieve that accumulated over the afternoon from the stress of the assignment. Her right hand found itself undoing her shorts, pushing aside the flaps to the side and crawling under the white cotton panties to slowly caress her clit.

Anna soaked her panties slightly when she started to finger herself, unable to contain the volume of her moans any longer when she gave particular attention to her g-spot. Unsatisfied, she freed her shorts and panties from one leg and left it hanging from one leg and tucked both limbs around the chair’s legs. She arched her back forward, accentuating her breast as she closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment, rubbing her nipples and clit concurrently completely unaware that Jacob had already returned and walked slowly towards the makeshift meeting room, all the while with his phone pointed at her, recording the private, sensual act.

He rested his hand on her unattended breast from behind, surprised that Anna didn’t flinch. Instead, she slowly stood up and beckoned him, “Fuck me, Jacob.”

Without his reply, Anna sat atop the table and laid back slightly and spread her legs to receive him, indifferent to the phone recording in his hand, “You can keep that, just make sure you give me a copy later.” Her fingers slid down to spread the wet vagina as an open invitation for him.

Continuing to record, Jacob proceeded to close the gap between the. slowly, feasting his eyes on the pale breasts that he could have only imagine earlier while he lowered his shorts revealing to Anna the tool that she craved.

His hands grasped the side of her hips gently, ready to guide himself into Anna, while she rested her legs on his shoulders and gently wrapped her hand around his hard cock, feeling the gentle throbbing against her palm as she eased the tip of his rod into her. She let out an extended moan in satisfaction when Jacob entered with the full length of his cock, then pulled himself back and continued to rock against her hips with shallow strokes, focusing on her G-spot with the ridge just below the tip of the head. Her groin flexed against each brief stroke that Jacob gave her, teased by the lack of depth, she lowered her legs around his waist and pulled him to have a deeper thrust.

Jacob decided to take charge and pulled himself out of her, “Get up and turn around. You know what to do.”

Anna didn’t think, and let her innate desire to get fucked take over – catching a glance at Jacob’s cum coated cock as she turned to face the table, shifting her weight onto her forearms before spreading out her legs to lower her butt to a height for him to fuck her at. Jacob shifted his palm over her butt cheeks, pausing for a moment to look at Anna in the compromising position – bare bottom with her legs spread out to present her pussy while her top was lowered exposing her shoulders, waiting eagerly for him to enter her to unpause their tryst in the makeshift meeting room. He raised his hand slightly and slapped it down against her rear, then grabbed his cock by the shaft to rubbed the tip along the length of her wet vagina, spreading her white cum further; refusing to enter her until she begged.

“Ugh, fuck me, don’t tease me any longer..”

Obliged, he sunk only the tip into her wet pussy and found that Anna got tighter in this position from the pressure that now pressed around his cock. His plan was to have Anna move herself to see just how horny she was, and she gave in. Anna had moved her weight to rest on her elbows when Jacob deliberately stopped for a brief moment, she faced downwards towards the table with her hair covering her face moaning softly into it as she eased her wet pussy along Jacob’s shaft.

Gradually hitting a steady tempo, Anna flexed the muscles in her vagina while enjoying the long awaited cock, gently slapping her butt cheeks against Jacob’s leg. She was already throbbing inside, with her legs growing weak. She winced at the hot flash she felt on her butt, leaving behind a red palm imprint when Jacob slapped her.

“Faster you bitch.” She didn’t obey, but she enjoyed the way Jacob became physical in the slight frustration.

Anna screamed out when Jacob grabbed her by the hips and lifted her backwards slightly. Without letting go, he took charge pounded her. She writhed at his actions and struggled to get a grip on the table


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