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Sara wore a simple, decent looking one piece dress that hid a gorgeously proportioned figure underneath. A sized breasts complimented by hips wider than her shoulders, with a slim waistline that formed the ideal pear shaped body, topped with auburn dyed hair that fell short of her shoulders.

She was accompanied by her boyfriend that evening as she swung her bag pack around to reach for her wallet before waving her hand to flag down the double decker bus to begin her long journey home from the polytechnic. A journey that would have one more bus stop along the way before it took them onto the highway for twenty minutes before reaching the northern part of Singapore.

As they tapped their cards and made their way up to the upper deck, Derick let Sara take the lead up the stairs. She turned around pouting her lips at him, showing that she clearly knew his intent at giving her the lead position.

With each step up, Sara gave a slight push backwards when the the bus accelerated out of the bay, deliberately letting the skirt flit back slightly further, revealing the white cotton panties to Derick. An almost sacred sight that she had kept from him in the brief months they had started their youthful union.

For months, she had been hearing stories of how her girlfriends have been fucking their boyfriends, having their orgasms reach new plateaus, lavishing the way their boyfriends tremble in between their thighs as they climaxed inside them and how different it felt to have an actual cock instead of a dildo.

She had been recalling those conversations in her head and how they always ended with her just listening intently, face blushed red, while she walked down the rows of seats to choose one further back.

In this day and age, Sara was not a stranger to masturbation. She’d just never been touched by someone else. Tonight was an opportunity to change that – and she shuddered at the thought, building forth the anticipation that welled up in the young girl’s stomach.

At home whenever she had the chance, Sara would flip open her iPad to surf the various tumblr sites of Singaporean couples or girls that she accidentally stumbled upon. Public sex, hotwifing, and just plain hot fucking. Activities she saw that she knew that she must partake at least once in.

When they settled in their seats 3 rows from the back on the left of the bus, Sara looked towards Derick and asked him for his jacket under the pretext that she wanted to soak in his scent for the remainder of the ride home as she napped on his lap.

She placed her bag on the floor then wrapped herself from the neck down with it covering her top. Before settling down completely, she reached out for Derick’s left hand and over her neck, letting him hold onto her, and led his hand under the jacket, in between the soft-cup bra she wore, pressing her breasts against his forearm. To allow Derick greater freedom of movement with his left arm, she lowered herself slightly by sliding her butt forward.

Never in her life had she had a guy come into prolonged contact with her chest like this.

Derick took this as his cue to direct his hand under her thin dress through the top of it and softly squeezed her breast over her bra, before gradually pushing the bra cups to beneath her breasts with his fingers, exposing her light brown nipples.

Sara closed her eyes to absorb the gentle sensation that drew an irresistible craving from between her thighs when Derick slowly traced the shape of her supple breasts with his fingertips.

He varied the rythym on her breast and alternated between flicking her nipples and caressing her whole breast beneath the makeshift blanket, Sara instinctively reached down with her right hand to pull the front of her dress up slightly to get to her pussy from the top of her panties.

She no paid heed to her surroundings when the bus bell chimed from the lower deck as she lost herself in Derick’s hypnotic massage coupled with her act of public masturbation in the midst of a slowing bus entering another bus bay. She froze when she heard flat, hollow foot steps grow louder together with the idle banter of another couple take up a seat towards the front half of the deck. Derick didn’t stop and they saw that they were in the clear, before she continued swirling her fingers in between her thighs over her wet clit.

Her breaths grew longer and deeper as Derick continued his extended stay under her dress, still oblivious to Sara’s masturbation.

When the bus turned into the highway, Sara turned to look into Derick’s eyes, before she moved the bottom of the jacket up with her dress with one hand, revealing part of her white panties and saw Derick’s eyes move downwards. Knowing that Derick could see see her fingers pleasuring herself under the panties, she lowered the panties slightly so she could freely down below.

No longer able to restrain herself, Sara began to moan gently into her boyfriend’s ear, whispering in between what she was doing down below, how she loved having her nipples being touched.

“I’m fingering myself now.” As she inserted her middle finger slowly, until her vagina swallowed the length. Sara continued to slowly stroke the insides of her pussy, and gradually became wet enough that Derick could gauge from the sound whether Sara was alternating between fingering her pussy or flicking her clit amidst the loud hum of bus in the background.

Derick entered the confines of his jacket with his right hand and found her right nipple to be poking through her dress when he played with it.

“Derick, I can’t hold it in any longer, I’m going to cum.” She whispered before she tightly gripped Derick’s left hand with her own, kissing him as she braced her body for the brief satisfying moment where she would lose almost all meaningful control over it.

Sara curved her back forewards slightly when her all her muscles tensed up as she moaned softly in pleasure as her orgasm took control for that few precious seconds.

She looked up at Derick again and smiled, “That was good. Now I wonder what one from fucking feels like.”

“We can always find out at a later date.” Derick observed Sara as she positioned herself to put on her panties back into their original place, then adjusting her top under the jacket. Unknowing to what she was actually doing – taking off her bra.

She clumped the jacket into a ball, with her bra in the midst of it. “Or we can find out tonight. I’m sure parents will be fine with you staying over. It’s late. Besides, there’s a 7-11 along the way.”

He couldn’t help but stare at the top of her dress to get a peek of Sara’s breast, after noticing her still hard nipples were visible from under the dress.

Just as the bus was completing the journey at the interchange and it was time to leave, she used her right index finger and thumb to stretch the fabric against her nipple, “You can have a go at these puppies later. But be gentle.”


Apologies to those who still stop by. But work has been a major time consumer recently. Coming up is also my exam for a part time course I’m doing. I may not have a chance to write as frequently as I would like to probably until the last week of November when my exam is completed.

I haven’t had the chance to proof read this. And sorry if this isn’t up to par.


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