Pre-lunch activity

The paper was finally over. I stepped out of the hall amidst the crowd with some friends behind confirming their plans for the evening. I never had a liking for crowds or loud places.

While I followed the bend towards the stairs, I felt two firm taps on my shoulders in rapid succession.

“Hey. Did you read my message?” It was Cheryl. “Don’t forget, okay?” that cheeky smile complimented by the wonderful round eyes she had, clutching only her pencil case with both hands behind her while gently rocked her chest from side to side playfully. Hard to imagine that there was a carnal intention behind all that.

I hastily dug out my phone and looked. Yes, I didn’t read the message because I didn’t feel it coming in. Honestly, it slipped my mind a little. Yes, I forgot about sex, because priorities – especially with national level examinations.

“Yeah, later at your place. Just let me drop these off and grab some other things.”

To be clear, her parents were conveniently overseas on a mission trip. She never told me until two days after our little excursion around the school at night last week, and the video she had me record for her still wasn’t with me yet.

Having showered and changed into something more comfortable, I ticked off a mental checklist in my head before making my way over to Cheryl’s place. Coincidentally, she stayed not too far from me. We never went to school together because her father would send her in the mornings. When her parents’d left for the mission, it turns out she took one bus later than me for the journey. As I approached her unit from the elevator, she sent a message that the door was unlocked and I was free to enter because she was busy with preparing a simple lunch.

She was carrying two plates of what I presume is pasta through the corridor of her place when I opened the main door to let myself in. Dressed in an oversized baby blue shirt with her hair tied up, and I don’t know what else because the shirt may be hiding a pair of FBT shorts below.

Neither of us addressed her statement “if it’s me.’ from last week, that’s been left hanging for what seems to be forever. Now that the exams are done with, it seemed like an opportune time to address that. I hesitated on bringing this up, as this might ruin the chance of fucking Cheryl again.

I trailed behind her starting at the hem of the bottom half of the shirt, trying to catch a glimpse of what was below while it fluttered with each stride.

“Stop staring.” Cheryl giggled. I shot up and saw that she caught me with the reflection of a relatively large glass cabinet opposite us.

I settled on the leather sofa in the living room as Cheryl set the food down on the coffee table before going towards the television to switch it on. The place was well lit with the windows wide open despite the net curtain limiting the amount of light coming in. As she came back, I grabbed her hand before she could pick up the food and pulled her towards me on to the sofa and tapped on my thigh twice. She knew what I was signalling and she obediently sat herself on my legs facing me with her thighs wide open and her hands around my neck.

A hard-on was coming on as I imagined in my head what her svelte body would look like in an afternoon setting. Feeling that the back rest might be uncomfortable for us in this position, I shuffled myself forward slightly to leave a gap. Cheryl smiled as she felt my bulge against her, she reacted by slowly moving her hips up and down as my hands followed the curve of her butt. There I found nothing but the naked touch of her skin beneath her shirt.

We kissed while she paused her humping and she let her hands find my shorts as she tried to pull it down. I helped her by breaking our kiss to lean against the back rest to lift myself up slightly to lower my pants. In doing so, I saw that she was already wet, leaving a damp patch on my shorts where she was humping. When we were ready to resume, Cheryl left no time for foreplay. She pressed me against the sofa with her left hand and grabbed my member with the other. I took a peek under her shirt as she was rubbing the tip against the lips of her wet vagina.

No bra. Maybe she was just comfortable being at home like this. I found my hands on her hips again, staring down her shirt at the full, beautiful breasts that hanged from her. Her eyes were closed, biting her lips as if she were enjoying the moment, to savour the feeling of having a cock enter her a second time. She finally made her decision and held my cock upright, and I felt the warmth and tightness of her vagina slowly enveloping it.

I stared at her face as she lowered herself gently. There’s something sensual about a girl’s face when she has a cock inserted into her, that momentary relief and satisfaction, where nothing else mattered except to relish every inch that slides into her.

Her moans were more restrained than before. Presumably weary from being too loud. Cheryl was thoroughly enjoying this. The way she took control when she had the cock comfortably inside her when she smiled and put both hands on my shoulders, eyes still closed as she moved her hips around slowly as if she was finding the perfect angle.

At the end, she remained at a pattern where she arched her back, back and forth, and matched it with a rhythm she liked. I couldn’t complain. I was enjoying the moment, feeling her tighten her vagina every once in a while, getting wetter with every passing cycle.

My focus on her broke when her phone rang right next to us. We both turned to look, but she never broke her rhythm. It was Amanda. I looked at Cheryl, she saw the look on my face and tried to stop me as I grabbed her phone the call, placed it by her ear. She stopped moving her hips but I didn’t let her as I started to force my hips upwards while flicking her nipples over the shirt. There’s something more inexplicably satisfying with playing with a girl’s nipples over her cotton shirt.

Cheryl tried to contain her moans and breathed heavily instead, “Hello? Amanda, now’s not a good time.”

“Are you okay? You don’t sound alright. I just wanted to ask if you’re going with the rest tonight. Mike’s confirmed that he can get us in.” Cheryl could make out a faint sound that was regularly repeating in the background where Amanda was speaking from. Something wet that was slithering shortly followed by a dud.

“Yes, I’m fine. Hold on.” she slapped my hand and gestured me to stop, on the contrary I moved my legs to lift her up a little to fuck her faster and she let out a loud, satisfied moan.

“Amanda I’ll call you lat-” she dropped her phone down onto the side and leaned herself forward. “Don’t stop. Keep going.”

It was difficult to keep thrusting into her at that angle and position, I motioned her to stop and change our positions to something more comfortable where she could lie down. She stood up and saw that her cum was frothing on my shaft from the fucking.

She stood in front of the sofa and bent over slightly revealing her rear to me as she lifted the bottom of her shirt up slightly to her lower back so I could get a good view. I opened my legs slightly to lower my cock to a corresponding height then watched her vagina lips swallow it as I slid in easily. When I slid past the g-spot, Cheryl hissed a little while arching her back and tightened her pussy again.

The sight of her bare ass was out of this world. Firm to the touch, perfectly shaped. Exceptionally pleasing to the eyes even on it’s own. I couldn’t resist squeezing it shortly after putting my hands on them while gently fucking her over the sofa.

“Hold still.” I complied, when she somehow squeezed those words out in between her moans.

“Don’t move, alright?” she didn’t accord me the time to answer when she started to rock herself slowly back and forth.

Her moans were intoxicating, coupled with the pulsating grip around the tip of my cock. Cheryl was no longer intent on having my rod deep into her. Instead, she cycled between roughly around the halfway mark. At each moment where she reached the trough of her cycle, her moans were long and deep. I looked down between the hands I left on her butt, and saw the thick white cum that Cheryl left with every incredibly smooth feeling push.

“Hey, do me a favour. Start fucking me, increase the pace okay? But don’t do short strokes, go long – the full length. I think I can cum like this.”

Cheryl was sure of this. She’d already gotten wetter with a stronger grip than usual. I slid my hands lower to the sides of her hips to get a slightly better grip and did as she said. There was difficulty in giving her the fast, long strokes that she wanted but Cheryl wasn’t complaining. She was euphoric from the fucking when she started to let go on the restraint she exercised on her moans, letting them become audible long drawn moans of satisfaction.

Her butt tensed up and I heard the sound of her gripping tightly onto the leather before she dropped towards her left onto the sofa mid-stroke, unable to control her muscles while she spasmed as I watched her have her orgasm.

Still standing over her “Are….you going to do something about this?” I waved to my cock when she recovered from her climax.

“Of course. What would I be if I left you like this?” she wrapped her fingers around it and stroked the length of the shaft before she licked around the tip.

With her seated, her eyes were bigger when she looked upwards into my eyes while working her soft lips on my member, and it was sensual to have this exclusive view of her in the afternoon light. I could feel the strong pointed tip of her tongue, moving along the underside of my cock as she enveloped it into her mouth wholly.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I just wanted to manhandle her. I placed both hands by the side of her head to hold it still and thrust my hips towards her face. She was visibly shocked the first few thrusts and seemed to enjoy it through her muffled moans. Her eyes gave the clearest sign that she was relishing in being used like this and created a comfortable vacuum with her mouth.

Approaching my climax, I released my grip on her head and groaned out. Cheryl understood this and retook control by gripped the base of my cock while gently caressing my balls as I unloaded into her, never breaking her gaze throughout the whole time.

She coughed and my cum spilled out the side of her mouth as she gestured to the box of tissue on the coffee table.

“You’re eating fruits for a week before I give you another blowjob.” she declared as she let out the cum out onto the tissue she palmed between her hands.


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