Don’t mind the titles. I just have no idea what to put here.

Sarah was tied down to a chair, as if she were a prisoner, robbed of whatever dignity she had left and her sight with a blind fold. Left to be shivering on a cold wooden chair, save for the cushioned seats, in an equally cold room, not knowing what would happen next. She was anxious. Not being able to see was one thing, but only being able to hear and leaving everything to the mind to discern what was actually going on – that’s something else. What was supposed to be a staycation with her boyfriend became something else.

In the past week, she kept badgering him on wanting to be surprised. He said that it would come soon, during the staycation.

Sarah always had a large sexual appetite. Not to say that her boyfriend was incompetent or incapable. In her own little way, she’d make him feel adequate. Yet, he would know that she wasn’t entirely satisfied, always wanted something a little bit more. So after enough badgering, he had an idea. He knew a friend he could trust, but this friend of his was taken aback when he gave this proposal. It took a little convincing, especially to keep all this under wraps after the event.

When she heard the magnetic card slide into lock, unlocking the door with a distinct muffled click followed by the shuffling of a pair of shoes, no, two pairs of shoes against the carpet floor. All she could hear after was a heavy bag being dropped and her boyfriend walking towards her as he gave instructions to someone to take a quick shower and go over. No longer being able to hear anything distinctly with the sound of the shower running in the background, she was startled when her boyfriend cupped her cheek and kissed her as she was left immobilised.

Jack rose to position his erect member next to Sarah’s head, and moved her head towards the side. Sarah anticipated this for a while, to possibly have to give a blowjob. No words were exchanged between them ever since Jack returned with a stranger, and now she was just sucking him off. She knew now that obviously that she was in for a threesome, but she didn’t know who the stranger was – not even the gender.

She had no semblance of control over the situation – her head was locked by Jack’s hand and bobbed back and forth the length of his cock, while her breast was being caressed by his other hand. Sarah snapped back into focus from enjoying the the pleasures of the moment when she heard the shower stop and the door open. She was no longer anxious – she was excited by the prospect of finally having a threesome, simply wondering of the third wheel was another cock for her to ride or a lesbian partner. Either way, it was one more item to be struck out from her bucket list.

The stranger smiled at Jack when the sight of a helpless Sarah with a cock in her mouth came into view and proceeded to the bed to set up a strap as planned. The strap was to go under the bed with the two ends of the strap ending up top side, so that Sarah would later have her hands tied towards the sides of the bed leaving her hands out of the way of her breasts and mouth. That day was going to be about Sarah being pleasured throughout.

Giving up on trying to figure out who the stranger was, she decided to obediently continue sucking Jack off as she felt Jack’s member get harder while he started to thrust into her mouth instead. Unable to see, she could focus on feeling the veins on his cock in greater detail, pulsating harder, the taste of his pre-cum stronger as she swirled her tongue around his cock in between the thrusts. Jack started to increase the pace of his thrusts while reducing the depths, Sarah prepared herself for Jack to cum into his mouth and held her breath – awaiting for Jack’s groan and hot semen to spill out.

He did, and pushed Sarah’s head further down his cock as she jerked slightly in reflex.

Just as well, the stranger was done setting up the strap and approached Jack to tap him on the shoulder.

Not giving Sarah a chance to clean up after herself, Jack and the stranger unstrapped Sarah from the chair to transfer her onto the bed. Sarah left behind a dark patch on the cushion when she stood up to be guided to the bed by Jack and the stranger with no opportunity to lift her blindfold to sneak a peek.

Sarah was strapped to the bed in tandem and there she was, facing belly up with only her legs free to wriggle and head free to turn, lift, and nothing more.

Taking advantage of a still erect cock, Jack put himself in front of Sarah’s wet pussy. He looked at it for a little bit and instead left to take his phone. The stranger ignored Jack’s presence for the time being as agreed beforehand. “Do what you want” was the mandate Jack gave the stranger. With that mandate in mind, the stranger approached Sarah from one side and bent over to lick circles around Sarah’s nipples, looking to have her moans fill the silent room.

When Jack returned to see the stranger already working on Sarah with her moaning away in pleasure, he got hard again while soaking in the scene before him. At the same time, Jack was greeted with Sarah’s leaking pussy and decided to take a video to document Sarah’s first threesome experience. Calling out the stranger so that the face would be caught in the frame for a moment, Jack moved the camera to Sarah’s half covered face, clearly in sweet agony and oblivious to the phone’s flashlight. Panning the camera towards Sarah’s shaved vagina close-up, his fingers came into the frame to move the lips of her vagina aside to reveal a glistening hole convulsing hole.

“Jack, fuck me, please.” Sarah was pleading with Jack as the stranger alternated between her breasts.

Complying with her plea, Jack lifted her legs up and and slid his rod in uncomfortably as Sarah was tightening up her vagina the whole time. Sarah was turned on, never before at this level where she would be squirming near an orgasm when Jack had barely started to fuck her. She pulled the straps inwards to her chest as she yelled out to their surprise and started convalescing forcing the stranger to stop while Jack continued fucking Sarah through her orgasm.

The stranger moved towards Jack and whispered into his ear. He replied with a nod in agreement. Then the stranger went across Jack on the other side of the bed to bend over Sarah to kiss her and unbuckle the leather straps restraining Sarah. She was still recovering from her orgasm as she kissed the stranger, still unaware of the stranger’s identity.

With her hands now free, Sarah caressed the stranger’s head and was surprised to feel a relatively soft, short ponytail. Roaming her hands over her head towards the stranger’s chest, she found herself cupping the supple breasts of a woman.

Jack had already placed his phone against the pillow as he stared at the two girls engage in passionate tongue work, pulling out of Sarah for a short breather.

Breaking the kiss with her attempt to remove the blindfold, Sarah squinted her eyes to focus on the stranger’s face, as she laid there to see the stranger pull herself up to stand up looking down at her. Throwing the blindfold aside, baffled.

“You got my best friend to do this?!” she yelled at Jack, raising herself up.

Christina pushed Sarah onto the bed to pin her down.

“Just because you got your orgasm, doesn’t mean we stop now.” spreading her legs wide, bringing Sarah’s leg towards her own arms slightly, presenting Jack with a choice of two wet pussies to fuck.

Reaching out to his still recording phone, he filmed the two vaginas for a moment while fingering Christina, recording her muffled moans as she kissed Sarah and deliberately moved her chest to have Sarah’s nipples rub against hers. Admittedly, Sarah was getting turned on by the whole situation – Christina had a body that she was jealous of. Better proportioned and a killer waist, she’d be lying if she ever said she didn’t fantasising of having a lesbian relationship with her behind Jack’s back.

Ready for another round of fucking, Jack rubbed the tip of his cock against Christina’s pussy to spread her juice, before pushing himself into Christina inviting a loud sensual moan from her. She was waiting to be fucked the moment she stepped out of the shower.

Freeing Sarah’s hands as she positioned herself into a more comfortable position over her while being fucked from behind, Christina stopped kissing Sarah as she lost herself being completely absorbed on enjoying the intermittent spikes of pleasure that accompanied each thrust into her.

Sarah took advantage of the long awaited freedom to start masturbating herself beneath Christina, sexually excited by her boyfriend fucking her hot friend on top of her. Deriving a satisfaction from the fact that her boyfriend was being lusted after by a girl sexier than her, seeing Christina’s face of sweet, undignified pleasure.

Jack exclaimed that he was cumming and Christina responded by tightening her grip around his cock. Sarah didn’t stay still either, she hugged her friend with one hand and played with Christina’s clitoris, sending her into euphoria as she approached her own orgasm, demanding that Jack don’t stop.

Christina’s moaning reached a crescendo, stopping when she felt Jack unloading into her just as she felt her orgasm take over her. Sarah stopped paying attention to Christina’s clit and shifted it to caressing her boyfriend’s balls as he slowed down his strokes, with their love juices dripping onto her hand as she cupped him.

The two girls whispered something to each other as Jack prepared to reach out to his phone to check his recording. They turned to him as he reached the edge of the bed and pulled him back to lie him down onto the bed.

It was a moment he really wished to have his phone in his hands now. Feeling two pairs of breasts on his lower legs, staring down at two beautiful girls licking away at the shaft of his cock as they stared back, he felt himself getting hard again.


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