The list

The lights were off in their hotel room, at 9.30 p.m. on a Friday. Carol was on her knees as she unbuckled Zack’s belt for the day while clutching onto a wet wipe in one hand. She was hungry for action, with wild thoughts running through her head during her unproductive day.

Perpetually distracted in front of her workstation, she simply sat there. Luckily for her, her cubicle was conveniently seated in the far corner of the office. Not that she complained, nor did she want the any additional attention that what she already got. With all the glances from the guys in the office, it was enough to seed little thoughts into her head. Threesomes, gang bangs, or simply doing her as she’s bent over the keyboard at her desk.

To partially prepare for the night, she wrote down a list of things they would have to do to each other that night, and sent a picture of a hastily written note next to her bare breast from her workstation – asking Zack to pick a number. To her dismay, he picked 7.

She did nothing more than to look forward to meeting Zack for their staycation that night. They had planned this a month ago, taking off for a sex filled weekend starting from Friday. The pressure cooker environment they each worked in only contributed to their sex drive. Carol had a high drive before they met, regularly attending carefully selected orgies, and participating in thoroughly screened gang bangs. Aware of the risks all these carried, she left nothing to chance. All this changed when she met Zack. During their time together, she became faithful – despite the lust she harboured deep inside, for another cock to caress, to straddle, to have thrusting into her slowly.

No longer being able to have another man lift her skirt, pull her panties down to her ankles and fuck her from behind as she bent forward over her laptop at her workstation – she was content now with trying to satisfy her one man.

Her eyes had already adjusted to the lack of lighting in the room. It was partially lit with the light of the city down below, through the full length windows of the hotel behind her. Looking into Zack’s eyes, she noticed that he was staring out of the window with his brows slightly frowned, deep in thought. Again thinking about the future, about other ways of making money, not about the impending blowjob, not the sex they were supposed to have, nor the red pouf dress that ended off just above the knee – his favourite.

Unzipping a pair of pants to expose the member it housed, was an activity Carol was very familiar with, and particularly fond of. Doing so in one swift motion and she was preparing Zack’s cock for her mouth. Gently clutching his cock with her hand and admiring the contrast of his member against her red finger nails in the incandescent light from the streets. Something inside her stirred as she slowly stroked along the length of it to get it hard.

As if on cue, Carol lifted herself to place her moist mouth over the tip of it while Zack lifted his glass to take a sip from his iced coffee. She licked the top of his cock gently, tracing along the edge of the mushroom shaped head, gradually to coat the entire rod in her saliva as she sucked the air out of her mouth, creating a vacuum while moving down towards the base. Cupping his scrotum with her other hand, playing with them as if they were the most precious thing in the world to her.

She was enjoying this. Filling up her mouth with an erected cock with her eyes closed, feeling the surrounding veins, and that irresistible little shift every guy makes with his cock, to subtly hint to his girl the tremendous pleasure he was getting. The panties she was wearing was gradually getting wetter with every stroke she slowly completed, but she wasn’t satisfied with just this. The shift wasn’t the signal she was looking for, the moans weren’t it either. Not the pre-cum, not the shift in his seat, she was looking another signal as she opened her eyes to look for Zack’s – they were still gazing out.

Unable to ignore her pussy any longer, she left Zack’s scrotum and reached down between her knees to finger herself in the same rhythm she bobbed her head. Moaning with her mouth full as she felt her legs become slightly weak when she felt her G-spot and concentrated on that area.

Zack carefully placed his iced coffee on the coaster of the glass coffee table next to him, and turned towards Carol. Looking into her eyes as he ran his finger through her hair as she continued sucking him off. That was the signal that she was looking for – the undivided attention of the man she pledged her near, impossible to fathom faithfulness to.

Picking herself up from the blowjob, she rose to put her arms on his shoulders as Zack reached under her skirt and lowered her panties. As soon as she freed her right ankle from the panties, she ignored the rest of it and lifted her right leg onto the arm of the chair, so that she may straddle Zack without having to delay being fucked. Zack stretched out his legs to lift himself slightly from the chair to free himself a little bit more from his pants, Carol was getting impatient from all this.

With his hands under Carol’s skirt, following her bare bubble butt as she lowered her pussy to find the tip of Zack’s cock. Her vagina was wet – this was an understatement, she was dripping slightly onto Zack before he had entered her. Zack couldn’t feel this either as his cock was still wet from Carol’s mouth, the culmination of the lubricants rendered the entry into Carol effortless. She tightened her grip on his shoulders as she slowly found a comfortable pace to straddle Zack, kissing and moaning into him as she embraced the moment.

It wasn’t a problem for them – Carol was on the pill, both were clean, but this was the part Carol enjoyed more than her own orgasm. Zack was releasing his load into Carol as she continued to straddle him. She smiled as she reached around under her skirt to feel their warm cum leak from her onto his balls while he tightened his grip on her butt. Perhaps it was talent, or an ability, but Zack seldom had the hypersensitive sensation after cumming – so Carol could continue to fuck him.

She wasn’t done yet, still quietly enjoying the sensation of having a pulsating cock in her, rubbing against her G-spot with every gyration she made on top of him. Soon, she was subconsciously increasing the stride and pace of her hips, slowly gripping his cock tighter as she began to moan louder. Zack helped her by moving his hips slightly in tandem with her motion when she shifted her arms to hug him tightly to prepare herself from the pleasure of letting herself go completely in her orgasm.

Choking slightly, she stopped breathing as she allowed her whole weight to be borne by Zack alone briefly after she raised herself slightly, accidentally sliding Zack’s cock out while she enjoyed her orgasm.

While she recovered from her orgasm, she wrapped her arms around Zack’s head, smiling into his face while he looked back into her eyes. It was a long time since she had an orgasm like that.

“Baby, pick another number, please. Between 1 and 15, except for 7.”

“We’re not done for the night yet?”

“Oh – no. Even if you don’t pick another number, I’m still going to keep you awake. I need more.”

“Then what’s the point of picking a number. Just do what you want to do.”

“There’s no fun in that baby, I don’t want to think about what to do right now. Quick, pick a number.”

“Fine. 14.”

Carol grinned as she lifted herself from the chair to turn herself towards the window. Unzipping the top of her pouf dress from the back, she dropped her dress onto the floor and removed her bra. She knew this was one thing Zack had always asked her for, but she never acceded to it because she was never comfortable with it, despite her wild sexcapades with orgies and gangbangs. It was only 10.15 p.m., and their hotel room wasn’t exactly at the highest floor either.

“You know how you keep asking to fuck me against the window? This is your one chance to do just that, baby.” with only her silhouette visible to him, and the playful reflection of light from the trail of cum leaking down from her inner thigh.

“A blowjob without asking, and fucking you naked against the window. Fucking you in the lobby later better be on that list too.” Zack replied as he rose from the chair to bend Carol slightly against the window.

Putting his cock into Carol’s pussy to fuck her again, Carol found herself unable to control her moans.

“Just 13 more things that we have two more nights for you to find out with.” She squeezed out from in between her breaths.


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