The First Cheat

Natalie came out of the toilet wrapped in a white linen towel held by one hand as she turned towards the far corner of the room to seat herself in front of the mirror to open up her bag. There was no real need for her to cover herself and the translucent curtains were drawn blocking a good amount of morning light, but it was cold – a common thing in these hotels, especially in Capri by Frasers.

It was a large room, comes with a small kitchen capable of simple cooking. For the night that just past, there was no cooking done. Just a lot of one thing.

We had just finished up a small part of a project we were tasked to do, and now that my wife was out of the country with her parents, and Natalie’s boyfriend was too busy, things got a little out of hand yesterday evening after we convened at what looked like a bar at Changi City Point after our meeting. The project was now out of our hands for the time being, and the pressure was now on another department for two weeks before it’ll fall back on our plates. A breather, finally.

As we settled the bill last evening, stood up to leave, she brushed her hand against my crotch by accident and was taken aback slightly. She looked at me, and I explained that her low cut top of her black dress was very much responsible for that reaction. Of course it didn’t help that my wife has been out of the country for about a week, and won’t be back until another week and a half because of some convention she had to attend for her work, so I haven’t been able to have proper release and have been tense throughout the dinner.

“Do you need help with it?” she asked quietly as she stared straight into my eyes. She was serious. Could I refuse? Should I? I looked down into her cleavage, and down to her A cut skirt, and damn it was gorgeous.

It would have been a turn off to be declined by the hotel due to a lack of rooms, but we were in luck. The next thing we knew, we were in the elevator. Natalie was frisky already, she explained that she had been, and really needed something to fill her up because her boyfriend had been busy and had been neglecting her. She slipped off her black thong and placed it in my hands, she was already wet.

This deserves an explanation. Natalie is by far one of the better looking girls in the office. Well-dressed is an understatement, she had a reputation for wearing figure hugging clothes, especially on Friday nights such as last night and Human Resources never did anything about it. Sometimes, it was painful for me, our cubicles’re right next to each other. Occasionally, she’d turn to clarify a few things, strangely, she had this habit of turning her entire self towards me for her questions, especially when she was wearing a low top or a short skirt, she even commented that she brings around a small make-up kit in her work bag all the time. Now I wonder if she was hinting at something.

However, I always wondered what it’d be like to fuck her. Now she’s handing herself to me just like that.

Wrapping my arm around her waist as we exit the elevator and walked towards our room. It was a long walk, I suppose it’s because this room was the furthest from the elevator hence, being one of the last rooms to be released.

“Any particular preferences?” I asked.

“Nothing comes to mind. We’ll just do whatever we feel like. I just need my brains fucked out right now.”

“Sure, then I’m fucking you from behind against the window first. I’ve been wanting to fuck my wife like that, but she has never agreed, and it looks like she never will. Are you on the pill?”

“Yeah, I am. You don’t have any condoms on you?”

“For better or worse, nope. It’ll be fine if you’re on the pill.”

We were approaching the door when she clasped her hands around my cock from outside my pants when I slipped the card into the reader. She was really feisty at that point, she wasn’t kidding when she brought up that she needed to be fucked that much.

Dropping her bag on the table, she pointed to her zip behind. I pulled her zip down slowly with one hand, and moved my other hand down the side of her body to feel the sensual curves she has. What a turn on. She pulled the sides of her dress down from her shoulders to reveal that she had been wearing a strapless bra and wriggled herself out of the dress then turned herself to me to reveal her shaved pussy as she proceeded to undress me while I continued to rest my hands on the top of her waist by the sides.

When she was done, she said: “Into the shower first.”

Tiptoeing towards my left ear, “Then you do me against the window, and as a bonus, with the curtains drawn. Full view of the pool below, you know” it sounded like it wasn’t her first time here either.

“The curtains will be drawn the whole night, Natalie. If anyone sees us, I want them to see a hot girl being fucked. We’ll close the curtains after we’re done, that’s what should happen.”, I replied as pulled herself from me to go into the toilet to put on a shower cap as I went to draw the curtains directly opposite the toilet entrance.. Not the sexiest of things, but I suppose it’d make sense to not have her hair wet for whatever is to come – don’t know for how long or how many times.

She pulled me into the toilet and under the rainshower and switched the water on. I marvelled at how round, and perfect her butt was while the water washed down her back. She was still facing the shower when she took the bottle of soap, I moved in closer to her hugging her from behind, feeling my erected cock against her butt then moving my hands to her breasts and clitoris.

Her moans echoed amidst the sound of the shower with I squeezed her breasts, biting her neck gently and teased her vagina.

“Mmmmm… stop.” she reached out to close off the water, turned around and soaped me up first.

We haven’t fucked yet when we were done in the shower.

After we’ve dried ourselves before the mirror, she grabbed my member with her hand and stroked it slowly while removing the shower cap to let her hair down.

“Now. We’re ready for the window. Come.” she flicked her long hair back to look up at me, she smiled. Her smile was something else, it wasn’t a slutty smile. It was one that almost looked serene and happy.

It was so comfortable with her. Everything felt almost natural, as if we’d done this together before, even though we haven’t. She put her knees, apart on the edge of the sofa, and leaned forward to put her elbows on the top of the backrest of the sofa to present her ass. Her soft hair slid down past her left shoulder as she found a comfortable position.

I teased her by playing with her vagina with my finger, leaned forward to smell her hair and grabbed her breast – alternating between grabbing and pinching her nipples. She got wetter, and started moaning again. Sliding one finger in, she arched her back slightly and held her breath for a brief moment. She was enjoying the feeling of someone apart from herself being inside her. I hesitated from going in all the way, just to tease her.

Finally unable to take the teasing any longer: “If you’re going to continue with this, I’m going to cum.” she wasn’t lying, her vagina had been squeezing my finger for a while now. Kegel exercises maybe, I could feel her vagina moving with just a middle finger, my wife wasn’t like that. Damn, what’s my wife doing all these while?

Removing my finger, I put my left hand on her butt cheek, to steady her as I stood up to position myself directly behind her proper. My cock found her vagina hole, and slid in slowly as she held her breath, and moved herself up from leaning on her elbows to stretching out her arms fully to raise herself up. A satisfied moan came out from her as I entered her completely and stopped for a while. She was tight, very tight and very wet; evidently a long drought for her.

Thrusting slowly into her, I admired the view our high floor room had to offer. Her moans were sensual, she was enjoying our tryst thoroughly, and I was enjoying her body and her company. I could tell she was losing herself in the fucking, it wasn’t that I was particularly good, but she really needed a fuck to let everything out. She brought her back up to me, moving my hands from her hip to her nipple and clit, she turned to her head to her left to signal for a kiss as she grabbed the back of my head with her right hand, I did, and her lips were soft.

Her eyes were still closed when we broke the kiss. It was soon that was the one thrusting her hips into mine. I looked in the window, and I noticed that there was a reflection of our silhouette was cast into the window with the light behind us. Her vagina was squeezing tighter now, and her moans sounded as if they were holding something back now. Her hands were grabbing onto my arms for support now, and her fingernails were digging into them. She was cumming soon.

I increased the pace of the fucking and she instinctively tightened her grip on everything. “Don’t stop” She was gasping by now.

“Just a little more. Ugh..” Her face was in a sweet twisted agony now.

Her breaths and moans stopped as I could feel the walls of her vagina convalescing onto my cock, she’s cumming now, and I was cumming soon too. Alternating between shivering and stiffening, her body was shuddering slightly as she arched her back slightly, all while I continued to fuck her.

Letting out a loud moan, she continued her shallowed breathing. “I came, and it was good. Keep going, I want you to cum inside of me.” She struggled to finish her sentence in between her moans, wriggling slightly from the hypersensitivity her orgasm came with.

I’d stopped with playing with her clit and breasts, and was now just hugging her from behind while she was on her knees as I fucked her. Moaning softly into her ear as a came into her vagina, and hugging her tighter as I enjoyed the orgasm she gave me.

“Mmmmmm…that’s it.” she muttered out softly as I spurted into her.

We were panting as she let herself onto the backrest again, while I left my cock in her for a bit, before removing it to examine the creampie I gave her. She was dripping with our cum now.

“Get on the bed, lay down. We’re continuing our little session.” she pointed to the bed as she got up to turn around and slid one finger into her vagina to coat it, then licking the cum-covered finger while she lowered her chin slightly and looked at me with puppy eyes, swaying her breasts left and right.

Damn she’s naughty, if only my wife were like that. I complied.

I laid on my back as she placed her knees just above my elbows next to it, and lowered her pussy onto my mouth, while she leaned forward to quickly wrap her lips around my cock.

As I recall, it was a wild and might have been a long night, and we stopped not too long ago.

Now, her phone rang by the bedside, it was her boyfriend. I grabbed it and walked towards her, showing her the phone as I spread her legs on the chair slightly and pulled the towel back to play with her clit. She answered the phone while she slide down the chair slightly while I wet her and fingered her.

“Okay, I’ll see you in about an hour and a half. I’ll need to get ready before I can meet you at Paya Lebar.” Lies. Paya Lebar was only 20 minutes away at most, even by train.

It’s no wonder she brought her make-up kit around – to meet her boyfriend immediately after a night like that.


I loved the way she dresses. The way all her clothes would somehow show the contours of her body so faithfully and never betrayed them no matter what she wore. There’s this one dress I would never forget, and the time I had from passing a compliment.

When I walked into the bar, I saw this one lady seated on the bar chair by the counter, alone.

Bare backed, save for two thin lines that crossed her back, with one pair going over the top of her shoulder, while the bottom trailed off around her tummy to loosely hold the front of dress towards her. Black, loose, but elegant. You could almost make out her svelte outline under her dress.

It was dimly lit and I couldn’t make out until I came closer on her right – there was no bra strap, I thought it might have been skin coloured. Noticing a side boob, I couldn’t help but keep my eyes on them while I leaned against the counter and slowly glanced over to the barkeep to call for a drink.

As I looked up to peel my eyes away from her to do so, I noticed that her head turn towards her right, towards me, slowly then stare at me in the eyes. She caught me.

Her eyes, they were strangely non-descript. They weren’t blank, just – unsurprised that I was staring. It wasn’t as if her eyes were unattractive either. They complimented her features. A slight eye shadow, a cute nose, sharp chin, and cheeks that rounded off really nicely, a little red as well.

“This man will pay the next round for me.” the barkeep was within earshot as she said this while looking at me. There was no response, just a swift exchange of her emptied drink for a full one.

“And for you, sir?”

I drew my attention to the barkeep “A gin and tonic, please”.

Turning back, she had already turned to face me, sitting deeper into the bar chair while crossing her legs, leaving her dress to rest one towards onside revealing her legs up to between her thigh and knees. A bigger treat than her side boob, but it got me wondering if she was wearing anything else under that dress, a strapless bra or a pasties perhaps.

Throughout the next hour with the live band in the background, I learnt that Natalie was a mid-level executive in an auditing company at in the CBD area. Comes by about once a month to this place, just to relieve a bit of the tension alone. Had a thing for clubbing but she decided maybe it was time to slow down and just enjoy a drink alone.

She didn’t come across as the type that would like to be alone. During our conversations, I would steal glances at her legs, lose myself a little bit every when she turned to lean her arms against the bar top revealing her side boob, and she seemed to enjoy doing that while appearing to be appreciating the company of one more person.

I leaned towards her to whisper into her ear, to quell a curiosity that piqued be the whole time.

“I’m really curious, but are you wearing anything underneath the top half of your dress?”

Pulling herself back, she just smiled widely not giving an answer for a while before leaning into me.

“How will you find out? Do you have somewhere private nearby?”

I knew what she was hinting and quickly settled the bill.

“Fortunately, I do have somewhere nearby.”

I was referring to a corporate room I had after the clients I had to host for the week, left 2 days early. Having already paid for the room, the company decided to let me stay there for whatever it’s worth.

Closing the door of our room behind us, she removed her footwear and proceeded to the front of the bed. With her back still facing me, she moved the top straps of her black dress to drop it to the carpet floor, revealing exactly what I had imagine.

Removing my belt as I moved towards her, and I attempted to pull her back towards me to smell her hair, to hug her tummy with one hand while grabbing her breasts with the other.

She resisted my hug, and turned herself towards me revealing her full bare breasts to me. Her nipples were already hard as she pulled the front of my pants aside and lowered it with my underwear to feel my hard on. I stared down right at her breasts and let my hands follow the curve of her body, down her sides to her hips and slipped them under her black laced thong to feel her butt.

Pausing from stroking my cock, she pulled my hands aside to lower her thong while she signalled me to remove whatever clothing I still had on, and gestured me to lie on the bed.

Wasting no time, she grabbed a black rubber band to tie her long brunette dyed hair and returned to the bed. I knew what was coming.

“I’ve been hungry to put one of these in my mouth for a long time now.” as she laid herself in between my legs, bracing herself with one knee below her.

I stirred a little as she played with my scrotum, cupping it and squeezing it gently with one hand, while she stroked the length of my cock with the other. Moving her head over it, she wrapped her mouth around the top, licking it several rounds in her mouth before moving to take in the whole shaft. The wet softness of her mouth moving along my member and her fingers massaging my balls was a sensation I haven’t felt in a long time.

I sat up as she continued to service me, to reach her breast with one hand and twirled my fingers around her nipple. She let out muffled moans as I alternated between squeezing her breasts and playing with her nipples slowly.

Natalie’s moans grew louder, and her pussy grew wetter the longer she gave her amazing blowjob – but she stopped and move up towards me to push me down towards the bed. Spreading her legs over me, she kissed me as she led my right hand to her shaven vagina – she was wet, to the point she was dripping down the inside of her thigh.

She moved her hips down slightly, that was her cue that she wanted to fuck. I wrapped my arms around her petite body as she lowered her vagina onto my raw cock while kissing her. As it slowly entered her, she stopped breathing as if all her focus was on slowly enjoying a cock sliding into her wet pussy.

Letting out a resounding moan as she took my cock fully, she started to breathe slowly again while she tried to restrain her moans. I could feel her vagina gripping onto me as I thrust myself slowly into her as she moved, despite her strong grip, I was fucking her with such ease from how wet she was.

Upping the pace, I slapped her ass as she braced her arms on my shoulders as she rode herself. I love a woman on top, seeing Natalie like this was a view I would never forget.

She commanded me to pound her as she moved herself up to turn around on all fours. Placing my hands on her hips to take her from behind, I realised she was tighter in the doggy position. Her moans were louder too as I fucked her like this, it was a turn on that just made me fuck her faster.

As I fucked her faster, she lowered herself slightly and gripped onto the bedsheet. I could tell she was cumming.

“Don’t stop, keep fucking me” moaning out as her breaths became more audible as she started to grip her vagina tighter.

Looking down to her ass, her white juices on my raw cock was an immense turn on.

She stopped breathing for a bit as I felt her vagina spasm in it’s grip. She was having her orgasm silently as I continued to fuck her.

I wanted to have a sight I could remember as I felt my climax coming. Just before I felt myself go over the edge, I removed my cock from her spent vagina and moved towards her face still on the bed and released my load onto her face and hair.

After I was done, she moved her head and put my finished cock into her mouth and licked the sperm up before saying:

“Come, we’ll go into the bathtub, I’m not done yet.”