Jacob had been eyeballing Anna for a long time now, ever since the start of the semester. She frequently wore tight spaghetti strap tops that pressed against her strapless bra underneath complemented with tight denim shorts. No push up variants were needed and still a pleasing cleavage from her B/C cups could be admired from afar, teasing the boys in class while being the center of jealousy amongst the girls. The denim shorts she wore never ceased to draw long stares, it was never a sight to be tired of.

Standing at 1.65m tall, she was easy to catch from afar. Sporting brown dyed hair, seemingly soft that ended at her waist, it was Jacob’s favourite type. There were plenty of girls with similar traits around school, but only Anna carried with her an air of elegance in her demeanor without coming across as slutty. It was her facial features that prevented that look. Slightly rounded chin leading to a soft jawline that elongated the face slightly, with a wide pink smile that spread across. Her eyes, strikingly large that never had the need for contact lenses to achieve any effect.

The solo assignment was due on morning after, at 8.00 a.m. Most of the cohort had decided to hole up in the library in the midst of all the law reports and other legal material, or stay in the comfort of their homes in the advent of the digital age where cases were readily available on subscription based portals. Unwilling to be with the crowd of maybe 50 odd law students, Jacob decided to stay in the dedicated computer lab that was earmarked for the course on the third floor of the school. The computers at this lab had access to the digital portal and its air-conditioning was separate and independent from central control.

Jacob wasn’t alone that Friday evening. A few other students had the same idea along with Anna. These students have the habit of submitting their assignments early, Anna on the otherhand had the unfortunate reputation of handing hers in minutes before the designated closing time.

The lab was filled with the cacophony of furious and deliberate keystrokes, occasionally broken by a disgruntled groan, presumably from a misinterpretation of the law or a case, resulting in having to redo an entire page or section. Jacob was no different, absorbed in his own world of legal precedents and worldly references from the internet since that morning, taking a break only to grab a sandwich for lunch, fully focused only on drafting a sound legal opinion for an albeit fictional client. Oblivous to Anna being seated across him, just a computer to his right, quietly listening to her music through neon pink earphones, lost in her own world of on-line window shopping, idling her time away despite the impending deadline.

With the way that Anna sat across from him, he didn’t realise he had the golden opportunity to oggle at her cleavage while her face was blocked out by the monitor as the screens were set high, thus leaving a gap between the table and bottom of the screen. If he looked for even 30 seconds, he may have noticed that Anna appeared to have given up.

Deciding it was time for a quick dinner, Jacob stood up and quickly took notice of Anna, lingered his gaze on her baby face then lowering and resting his eyes on her cleavage, not realising that Anna glanced briefly at him catching his little peek. When she caught him, Anna reached down to her right feet to adjust her footware while still being seated, letting her top briefly revealing a little more skin and the hot pink bra to Jacob.

Before walking past her, Jacob offered to get her something. Anna seductively bit the side of her lips and looked up, then smiled and shook her head, letting her eyes pause midway for a fleeting moment as if glancing at something along Jacob’s torso. She did notice and secretly enjoyed the fact that Jacob did not make eye contact with her, but was distracted by her chest.

As Jacob walked past her to exit, she freed herself from her earphones to look around and noticed banter in the air about the other remaining students intending to leave in a few minutes, wrapping up whatever they have to head home and finish up there. Anna had plans now, seeing as the lab was going to be empty. She packed her items into her small backpack and shifted herself next to where Jacob was seated. From there, she could monitor the main door to see who was still left in the lab, while her back faced a row of cupboards guaranteeing that no one could peep at her phone.

Her knees were tucked to her breasts, as if she were squatting on the chair. Then she put on her earphones again and dived back into the wonderful world of the internet, she manoeuvred her browser into “incognito” mode and typed into the address bar her favourite tumblr address. A little unknown outlet where she could frequently squander her hours away, with one hand on the phone scrolling through the pornographic gifs and videos of amateur couples having a good time, while the other hand found solace in relieving the pangs of sexual desire in between her legs.

Anna turned over her phone and left it on the table before pulling her head back, and hugged her knees against her chest, then looked up at the ceiling while listening intently to the moans that  privately played into her ears. She bobbed her head down quickly when she noticed some movement at the bottom of her peripheral vision and saw that the other coursemates had already finished packing and were waving goodbye to her on their way out. Pleased with the rapid development, she enthusiastically reciprocated the gesture while removing her earphones and walked around after to make sure no one else was around.

She eyed a door that was on the other end of the L shaped room which was occasionally locked due to complaints. Behind that door was a small room that simulated a meeting room. Inside was decorated with a nondescript table with 4 equally nondescript chairs, in one corner was an small, old CRT TV on top of a metal frame that looked like something out of a 1990’s television show, next to a set of windows that overlooked the carpark through the vertical blinds. Within Anna’s little head, she played out the various ways she would tease Jacob when he returned, but she knew it’d be too risky for more than one person to find out her little secret tonight.

Deciding to try her luck, she rested her palm on the cold handle then twisted it to try. Her stomach stirred when the door clicked open and the depressing view of the room, dimly lit with the lights from behind, greeted her. Nonetheless, she pushed the door wide open to step in and flicked the light switch to her right before proceeding to settle down by the desk.

The clock hanging opposite where she sat caught her eye, “Jacob should be back soon.”

That didn’t matter to her. She lifted her black top with one hand and exposed her front hook bra, undoing it to let her breasts grace the room. Instinctively, her left hand roamed to her breasts as she let her head re-enact her solo escapades in the bus trips home at night, and in the school toilets. Squeezing her nipples between her thumb and middle finger, she rubbed her nipple with her index finger, giving her cause to moan slightly as she gradually released herself from the sexual reprieve that accumulated over the afternoon from the stress of the assignment. Her right hand found itself undoing her shorts, pushing aside the flaps to the side and crawling under the white cotton panties to slowly caress her clit.

Anna soaked her panties slightly when she started to finger herself, unable to contain the volume of her moans any longer when she gave particular attention to her g-spot. Unsatisfied, she freed her shorts and panties from one leg and left it hanging from one leg and tucked both limbs around the chair’s legs. She arched her back forward, accentuating her breast as she closed her eyes and lost herself in the moment, rubbing her nipples and clit concurrently completely unaware that Jacob had already returned and walked slowly towards the makeshift meeting room, all the while with his phone pointed at her, recording the private, sensual act.

He rested his hand on her unattended breast from behind, surprised that Anna didn’t flinch. Instead, she slowly stood up and beckoned him, “Fuck me, Jacob.”

Without his reply, Anna sat atop the table and laid back slightly and spread her legs to receive him, indifferent to the phone recording in his hand, “You can keep that, just make sure you give me a copy later.” Her fingers slid down to spread the wet vagina as an open invitation for him.

Continuing to record, Jacob proceeded to close the gap between the. slowly, feasting his eyes on the pale breasts that he could have only imagine earlier while he lowered his shorts revealing to Anna the tool that she craved.

His hands grasped the side of her hips gently, ready to guide himself into Anna, while she rested her legs on his shoulders and gently wrapped her hand around his hard cock, feeling the gentle throbbing against her palm as she eased the tip of his rod into her. She let out an extended moan in satisfaction when Jacob entered with the full length of his cock, then pulled himself back and continued to rock against her hips with shallow strokes, focusing on her G-spot with the ridge just below the tip of the head. Her groin flexed against each brief stroke that Jacob gave her, teased by the lack of depth, she lowered her legs around his waist and pulled him to have a deeper thrust.

Jacob decided to take charge and pulled himself out of her, “Get up and turn around. You know what to do.”

Anna didn’t think, and let her innate desire to get fucked take over – catching a glance at Jacob’s cum coated cock as she turned to face the table, shifting her weight onto her forearms before spreading out her legs to lower her butt to a height for him to fuck her at. Jacob shifted his palm over her butt cheeks, pausing for a moment to look at Anna in the compromising position – bare bottom with her legs spread out to present her pussy while her top was lowered exposing her shoulders, waiting eagerly for him to enter her to unpause their tryst in the makeshift meeting room. He raised his hand slightly and slapped it down against her rear, then grabbed his cock by the shaft to rubbed the tip along the length of her wet vagina, spreading her white cum further; refusing to enter her until she begged.

“Ugh, fuck me, don’t tease me any longer..”

Obliged, he sunk only the tip into her wet pussy and found that Anna got tighter in this position from the pressure that now pressed around his cock. His plan was to have Anna move herself to see just how horny she was, and she gave in. Anna had moved her weight to rest on her elbows when Jacob deliberately stopped for a brief moment, she faced downwards towards the table with her hair covering her face moaning softly into it as she eased her wet pussy along Jacob’s shaft.

Gradually hitting a steady tempo, Anna flexed the muscles in her vagina while enjoying the long awaited cock, gently slapping her butt cheeks against Jacob’s leg. She was already throbbing inside, with her legs growing weak. She winced at the hot flash she felt on her butt, leaving behind a red palm imprint when Jacob slapped her.

“Faster you bitch.” She didn’t obey, but she enjoyed the way Jacob became physical in the slight frustration.

Anna screamed out when Jacob grabbed her by the hips and lifted her backwards slightly. Without letting go, he took charge pounded her. She writhed at his actions and struggled to get a grip on the table


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That First Time


You know that first time? The first experience when you first touch a girl? Not just any touch. The one where, you know, slowly caress her and feel her up close, breathing down on her. You’re both nervous. Especially you, despite all your macho talk and mannerism, but you still get that feeling in your stomach either way. Not a moment of weakness, not a trial – but the fragile desire to get it right and not ruin the indelible moment where the both of you succumb to the primal instincts driven by hormonal means.

Everything feels natural, yet so wrong at the same time. Staring into her eyes with one hand on her hip, the other in her hair against the white backdrop of the window on a weekday afternoon when your parents are out. She bites her lips while she avoids looking back into your eyes because she feels the same trepidation that you hide so well. You gently lift her face up by her chin and bring her closer for a prolonged kiss, pulling her by the small of her back and she tries to feebly resist by pushing her arms against your chest.

She gives in, raising her arms around your neck and jumps up to wrap her legs around your hip, trust you to catch her. When you do catch her, she pulls her face back and smile. You have her undivided trust, but you don’t know the significance of that. Instead, you gaze at her innocent face as you support her weight by holding her back and thigh, as you realise just how light she was at that moment. You lower her by the end of the bed, laying her slowly unto her back while she releases her embrace from you to move up to a comfortable position amidst the blanket and pillows.

It all came down to this fixed point in time, when she shyly takes off her top completely as you take off yours. You know full well she’s vulnerable when she lies down to remove her bottom, but you look at her in awe of her full naked glory. She scrambles for the blanket anyway, covering whatever dignity she thinks she might have left.

You join her under the blanket and lay your head on the pillow next to her, noticing that she continues to avoid your eyes. And you inch closer to her, yearning to feel the warmth of her body against yours, wanting her to hold on to you.

“Seize the initiative!” You think to yourself.

“You shouldn’t be freezing now! It’s not the time. But it’s our first time. Let’s take it slow.”

“No. I can’t take it anymore. But no foreplay?”

The internal debate in your head continues, but you snap out of it when you feel the gentle touch of your girlfriend’s hand against yours as she holds on to it. She’s shaking as she guides your hand under the blanket to her chest. Your perception of her changes – no longer a girl, but a woman to be.

She closes her eyes, and you move your hand to cup her breast. You’ve watched all the porn, heard all the stories, read sites like this one, but nothing will ever come close to feeling the soft touch of her breasts. Her nervousness is palpable, and that encourages you. Twiddling with her hard nipples while you go under the blanket to face them head on. You resist the urge to lick one for a while, thinking that she might not be prepared. But her moans outside of the fabric suggests that she was enjoying the process thus far.

“Ah, what the hell.” Positioning yourself to her left nipple, you lick it with the tip of your tongue, gradually moving on to flicking it slowly while being mindful to continue to play with the other one.

“Man, this is hard.” the weight of your upper body rests on both your elbows digging into the bed by the side of her chests. Her moans beckon you to continue while she runs her fingers into your hair. Then you remember something else, and you break the brief exercise on her chest to shuffle yourself downwards between her legs.

“Hey, it’s ticklish when you breathe like that” it was a reference to you being too close to her vagina. You don’t care about that comment and you draw your face towards her clit and begin licking her, stretching your arms under her thighs to reach both her breasts. The overeagerness to pleasure her pays off as she moans louder at her virgin experience of having her vagina being eaten out. You’re mindful of her reaction, but she relishes at the experience, applying pressure against the side of your head with her hands. With every stroke across the tiny bump at the top of her vagina, she moans out louder. Soon, you notice her grabbing onto your one of your hand tightly while she crumples to top of the bed with the other. You don’t see this, but you know she has her head pushed deep into one of the pillows as she tries to hold back her scream. She yells out your name into the pillow.

“Don’t stop! It feels like, I’m getting something. Just don’t stop!” Her legs close in onto your face from the sides when she arches her back towards the blanket, she screams out in ecstasy into the ceiling, reverberating her euphoria throughout the empty apartment as she experiences her first orgasm. Followed by the hypersensitivity that cock blocks you from fucking her as she quickly pushes you away slightly from her vagina before falling back onto the pillow panting away, trying to recover from her climax.

When you pop your head out to see her, she blushes and turns away to bury her face into the pillow. You explain to her that she just had her first orgasm and it was perfectly natural, but she takes some time to let it sink in that it was a perfectly natural reaction. Secretly hoping that she can deal with the throbbing erection that has been neglected for the past twenty minutes. To remind her, you “accidentally” brush it against the back of her thigh and she squeaks out in shock.

“What was that? Was that your cock?” You answer in the positive, and you noted her innate curiosity was aroused. She wasn’t paying attention to her vagina, but now wanted to pay attention to you. Your girlfriend needed some coaxing, similar to how she guided your hand, you guided hers. Letting her wrap her palm gently around the shaft, welcoming the feel of someone else’s hand on your cock. It was long awaited, and more importantly, surreal.

You knew that one day, you’d have a girl or a woman show your member some loving – be it by paying for it, finding yourself Dr. Strangelove, or a drunk one night stand in the future. But you would never think that at your age, you would come to take away the innocence of a girl, turning her into a woman.

“Is this how I should do it?” she begins to stroke along the length of your cock. You nod in affirmation, but you couldn’t believe that a young Christian girl would let you violate her like this.

“It feels huge. This is supposed to go inside me?”

Deciding it was time, you put yourself over her and spread her legs apart with your own while you put your face in front of hers. She received you by wrapping her arms from below your armpits onto your shoulders from behind.

“Be gentle, ok? This is precious.”

“Mmhmm.” Shifting your groin closer, she reciprocated by grabbing your cock just below the tip to guide it to the vagina. When it made contact, something ticked in your head.

“This is it.” you thought, pushing your groin towards her with the cautious attention to her reaction. Her hissing coupled with her clenched teeth told you that she was bearing the pain from her hymen being slowly torn as she tried her best to not resist. It felt warm, and extremely wet from her aroused state. Each thrust gave you a pleasure that wasn’t derived from the fucking, but the knowledge that she was enjoying the process of having your undivided attention, being slowly coaxed to another intense orgasm despite the pain. She raised her legs to wrap your around your waist to give you a physical assertion that everything was all right.

“It’s painful, but I want this. I want you to keep going.” it wasn’t a request. She was being polite because of the animalistic state you are both in, locked in a passionate embrace that her naive self held most sacred.

In the build up, she adapted to the gyrations of your hip and became numb to the pain amidst the pleasure that shot up into her head each time you slid past her g-spot. She was no longer hypersensitive, and resumed moaning, digging her fingernails into your back. Lost in the act of debauchery, she let go of her inhibitions and felt the length of your back as you thrust into her slowly.

She whispers into your ear, “You can go faster if you want.” it was not an FYI. It was a request by her. You obliged and you lock her lips with yours, muffling her moans concurrently increasing the strength and speed of your strokes. Her body tightens as you feel that familiar feeling from the depths of your groin intensify from a slight ember into an uncontrollable urge to be released, she breaks the kiss and pulls you towards her with a strength you didn’t know that her petite body can have. Throughout, you hear her moans reach a peak before coming to an abrupt pause when you can no longer hold it in, and ejaculate into her, not able to make out the throbbing of your own cock from the periodic clamp of her vagina from her orgasm.

Slumping onto her bare body, she strokes your hair silently, as your cock slides out of her vagina followed by the mix of cum trickling out onto the bed.

Turning to look into her eyes, you both smile and laugh now that it’s over.

Deep down inside, you ask yourself – “Will I regret this? Defiling this young girl like this? She was so innocent, yet I introduced her to all this. Despite our relationship being rocky the past few weeks.” When she left you, it was too late for you to realise, but that moment was the ultimate culmination of her love for you.

In a sick, twisted way, I know I still do, and it will never stop haunting me.

no title.

Sara wore a simple, decent looking one piece dress that hid a gorgeously proportioned figure underneath. A sized breasts complimented by hips wider than her shoulders, with a slim waistline that formed the ideal pear shaped body, topped with auburn dyed hair that fell short of her shoulders.

She was accompanied by her boyfriend that evening as she swung her bag pack around to reach for her wallet before waving her hand to flag down the double decker bus to begin her long journey home from the polytechnic. A journey that would have one more bus stop along the way before it took them onto the highway for twenty minutes before reaching the northern part of Singapore.

As they tapped their cards and made their way up to the upper deck, Derick let Sara take the lead up the stairs. She turned around pouting her lips at him, showing that she clearly knew his intent at giving her the lead position.

With each step up, Sara gave a slight push backwards when the the bus accelerated out of the bay, deliberately letting the skirt flit back slightly further, revealing the white cotton panties to Derick. An almost sacred sight that she had kept from him in the brief months they had started their youthful union.

For months, she had been hearing stories of how her girlfriends have been fucking their boyfriends, having their orgasms reach new plateaus, lavishing the way their boyfriends tremble in between their thighs as they climaxed inside them and how different it felt to have an actual cock instead of a dildo.

She had been recalling those conversations in her head and how they always ended with her just listening intently, face blushed red, while she walked down the rows of seats to choose one further back.

In this day and age, Sara was not a stranger to masturbation. She’d just never been touched by someone else. Tonight was an opportunity to change that – and she shuddered at the thought, building forth the anticipation that welled up in the young girl’s stomach.

At home whenever she had the chance, Sara would flip open her iPad to surf the various tumblr sites of Singaporean couples or girls that she accidentally stumbled upon. Public sex, hotwifing, and just plain hot fucking. Activities she saw that she knew that she must partake at least once in.

When they settled in their seats 3 rows from the back on the left of the bus, Sara looked towards Derick and asked him for his jacket under the pretext that she wanted to soak in his scent for the remainder of the ride home as she napped on his lap.

She placed her bag on the floor then wrapped herself from the neck down with it covering her top. Before settling down completely, she reached out for Derick’s left hand and over her neck, letting him hold onto her, and led his hand under the jacket, in between the soft-cup bra she wore, pressing her breasts against his forearm. To allow Derick greater freedom of movement with his left arm, she lowered herself slightly by sliding her butt forward.

Never in her life had she had a guy come into prolonged contact with her chest like this.

Derick took this as his cue to direct his hand under her thin dress through the top of it and softly squeezed her breast over her bra, before gradually pushing the bra cups to beneath her breasts with his fingers, exposing her light brown nipples.

Sara closed her eyes to absorb the gentle sensation that drew an irresistible craving from between her thighs when Derick slowly traced the shape of her supple breasts with his fingertips.

He varied the rythym on her breast and alternated between flicking her nipples and caressing her whole breast beneath the makeshift blanket, Sara instinctively reached down with her right hand to pull the front of her dress up slightly to get to her pussy from the top of her panties.

She no paid heed to her surroundings when the bus bell chimed from the lower deck as she lost herself in Derick’s hypnotic massage coupled with her act of public masturbation in the midst of a slowing bus entering another bus bay. She froze when she heard flat, hollow foot steps grow louder together with the idle banter of another couple take up a seat towards the front half of the deck. Derick didn’t stop and they saw that they were in the clear, before she continued swirling her fingers in between her thighs over her wet clit.

Her breaths grew longer and deeper as Derick continued his extended stay under her dress, still oblivious to Sara’s masturbation.

When the bus turned into the highway, Sara turned to look into Derick’s eyes, before she moved the bottom of the jacket up with her dress with one hand, revealing part of her white panties and saw Derick’s eyes move downwards. Knowing that Derick could see see her fingers pleasuring herself under the panties, she lowered the panties slightly so she could freely down below.

No longer able to restrain herself, Sara began to moan gently into her boyfriend’s ear, whispering in between what she was doing down below, how she loved having her nipples being touched.

“I’m fingering myself now.” As she inserted her middle finger slowly, until her vagina swallowed the length. Sara continued to slowly stroke the insides of her pussy, and gradually became wet enough that Derick could gauge from the sound whether Sara was alternating between fingering her pussy or flicking her clit amidst the loud hum of bus in the background.

Derick entered the confines of his jacket with his right hand and found her right nipple to be poking through her dress when he played with it.

“Derick, I can’t hold it in any longer, I’m going to cum.” She whispered before she tightly gripped Derick’s left hand with her own, kissing him as she braced her body for the brief satisfying moment where she would lose almost all meaningful control over it.

Sara curved her back forewards slightly when her all her muscles tensed up as she moaned softly in pleasure as her orgasm took control for that few precious seconds.

She looked up at Derick again and smiled, “That was good. Now I wonder what one from fucking feels like.”

“We can always find out at a later date.” Derick observed Sara as she positioned herself to put on her panties back into their original place, then adjusting her top under the jacket. Unknowing to what she was actually doing – taking off her bra.

She clumped the jacket into a ball, with her bra in the midst of it. “Or we can find out tonight. I’m sure parents will be fine with you staying over. It’s late. Besides, there’s a 7-11 along the way.”

He couldn’t help but stare at the top of her dress to get a peek of Sara’s breast, after noticing her still hard nipples were visible from under the dress.

Just as the bus was completing the journey at the interchange and it was time to leave, she used her right index finger and thumb to stretch the fabric against her nipple, “You can have a go at these puppies later. But be gentle.”


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Pre-lunch activity

The paper was finally over. I stepped out of the hall amidst the crowd with some friends behind confirming their plans for the evening. I never had a liking for crowds or loud places.

While I followed the bend towards the stairs, I felt two firm taps on my shoulders in rapid succession.

“Hey. Did you read my message?” It was Cheryl. “Don’t forget, okay?” that cheeky smile complimented by the wonderful round eyes she had, clutching only her pencil case with both hands behind her while gently rocked her chest from side to side playfully. Hard to imagine that there was a carnal intention behind all that.

I hastily dug out my phone and looked. Yes, I didn’t read the message because I didn’t feel it coming in. Honestly, it slipped my mind a little. Yes, I forgot about sex, because priorities – especially with national level examinations.

“Yeah, later at your place. Just let me drop these off and grab some other things.”

To be clear, her parents were conveniently overseas on a mission trip. She never told me until two days after our little excursion around the school at night last week, and the video she had me record for her still wasn’t with me yet.

Having showered and changed into something more comfortable, I ticked off a mental checklist in my head before making my way over to Cheryl’s place. Coincidentally, she stayed not too far from me. We never went to school together because her father would send her in the mornings. When her parents’d left for the mission, it turns out she took one bus later than me for the journey. As I approached her unit from the elevator, she sent a message that the door was unlocked and I was free to enter because she was busy with preparing a simple lunch.

She was carrying two plates of what I presume is pasta through the corridor of her place when I opened the main door to let myself in. Dressed in an oversized baby blue shirt with her hair tied up, and I don’t know what else because the shirt may be hiding a pair of FBT shorts below.

Neither of us addressed her statement “if it’s me.’ from last week, that’s been left hanging for what seems to be forever. Now that the exams are done with, it seemed like an opportune time to address that. I hesitated on bringing this up, as this might ruin the chance of fucking Cheryl again.

I trailed behind her starting at the hem of the bottom half of the shirt, trying to catch a glimpse of what was below while it fluttered with each stride.

“Stop staring.” Cheryl giggled. I shot up and saw that she caught me with the reflection of a relatively large glass cabinet opposite us.

I settled on the leather sofa in the living room as Cheryl set the food down on the coffee table before going towards the television to switch it on. The place was well lit with the windows wide open despite the net curtain limiting the amount of light coming in. As she came back, I grabbed her hand before she could pick up the food and pulled her towards me on to the sofa and tapped on my thigh twice. She knew what I was signalling and she obediently sat herself on my legs facing me with her thighs wide open and her hands around my neck.

A hard-on was coming on as I imagined in my head what her svelte body would look like in an afternoon setting. Feeling that the back rest might be uncomfortable for us in this position, I shuffled myself forward slightly to leave a gap. Cheryl smiled as she felt my bulge against her, she reacted by slowly moving her hips up and down as my hands followed the curve of her butt. There I found nothing but the naked touch of her skin beneath her shirt.

We kissed while she paused her humping and she let her hands find my shorts as she tried to pull it down. I helped her by breaking our kiss to lean against the back rest to lift myself up slightly to lower my pants. In doing so, I saw that she was already wet, leaving a damp patch on my shorts where she was humping. When we were ready to resume, Cheryl left no time for foreplay. She pressed me against the sofa with her left hand and grabbed my member with the other. I took a peek under her shirt as she was rubbing the tip against the lips of her wet vagina.

No bra. Maybe she was just comfortable being at home like this. I found my hands on her hips again, staring down her shirt at the full, beautiful breasts that hanged from her. Her eyes were closed, biting her lips as if she were enjoying the moment, to savour the feeling of having a cock enter her a second time. She finally made her decision and held my cock upright, and I felt the warmth and tightness of her vagina slowly enveloping it.

I stared at her face as she lowered herself gently. There’s something sensual about a girl’s face when she has a cock inserted into her, that momentary relief and satisfaction, where nothing else mattered except to relish every inch that slides into her.

Her moans were more restrained than before. Presumably weary from being too loud. Cheryl was thoroughly enjoying this. The way she took control when she had the cock comfortably inside her when she smiled and put both hands on my shoulders, eyes still closed as she moved her hips around slowly as if she was finding the perfect angle.

At the end, she remained at a pattern where she arched her back, back and forth, and matched it with a rhythm she liked. I couldn’t complain. I was enjoying the moment, feeling her tighten her vagina every once in a while, getting wetter with every passing cycle.

My focus on her broke when her phone rang right next to us. We both turned to look, but she never broke her rhythm. It was Amanda. I looked at Cheryl, she saw the look on my face and tried to stop me as I grabbed her phone the call, placed it by her ear. She stopped moving her hips but I didn’t let her as I started to force my hips upwards while flicking her nipples over the shirt. There’s something more inexplicably satisfying with playing with a girl’s nipples over her cotton shirt.

Cheryl tried to contain her moans and breathed heavily instead, “Hello? Amanda, now’s not a good time.”

“Are you okay? You don’t sound alright. I just wanted to ask if you’re going with the rest tonight. Mike’s confirmed that he can get us in.” Cheryl could make out a faint sound that was regularly repeating in the background where Amanda was speaking from. Something wet that was slithering shortly followed by a dud.

“Yes, I’m fine. Hold on.” she slapped my hand and gestured me to stop, on the contrary I moved my legs to lift her up a little to fuck her faster and she let out a loud, satisfied moan.

“Amanda I’ll call you lat-” she dropped her phone down onto the side and leaned herself forward. “Don’t stop. Keep going.”

It was difficult to keep thrusting into her at that angle and position, I motioned her to stop and change our positions to something more comfortable where she could lie down. She stood up and saw that her cum was frothing on my shaft from the fucking.

She stood in front of the sofa and bent over slightly revealing her rear to me as she lifted the bottom of her shirt up slightly to her lower back so I could get a good view. I opened my legs slightly to lower my cock to a corresponding height then watched her vagina lips swallow it as I slid in easily. When I slid past the g-spot, Cheryl hissed a little while arching her back and tightened her pussy again.

The sight of her bare ass was out of this world. Firm to the touch, perfectly shaped. Exceptionally pleasing to the eyes even on it’s own. I couldn’t resist squeezing it shortly after putting my hands on them while gently fucking her over the sofa.

“Hold still.” I complied, when she somehow squeezed those words out in between her moans.

“Don’t move, alright?” she didn’t accord me the time to answer when she started to rock herself slowly back and forth.

Her moans were intoxicating, coupled with the pulsating grip around the tip of my cock. Cheryl was no longer intent on having my rod deep into her. Instead, she cycled between roughly around the halfway mark. At each moment where she reached the trough of her cycle, her moans were long and deep. I looked down between the hands I left on her butt, and saw the thick white cum that Cheryl left with every incredibly smooth feeling push.

“Hey, do me a favour. Start fucking me, increase the pace okay? But don’t do short strokes, go long – the full length. I think I can cum like this.”

Cheryl was sure of this. She’d already gotten wetter with a stronger grip than usual. I slid my hands lower to the sides of her hips to get a slightly better grip and did as she said. There was difficulty in giving her the fast, long strokes that she wanted but Cheryl wasn’t complaining. She was euphoric from the fucking when she started to let go on the restraint she exercised on her moans, letting them become audible long drawn moans of satisfaction.

Her butt tensed up and I heard the sound of her gripping tightly onto the leather before she dropped towards her left onto the sofa mid-stroke, unable to control her muscles while she spasmed as I watched her have her orgasm.

Still standing over her “Are….you going to do something about this?” I waved to my cock when she recovered from her climax.

“Of course. What would I be if I left you like this?” she wrapped her fingers around it and stroked the length of the shaft before she licked around the tip.

With her seated, her eyes were bigger when she looked upwards into my eyes while working her soft lips on my member, and it was sensual to have this exclusive view of her in the afternoon light. I could feel the strong pointed tip of her tongue, moving along the underside of my cock as she enveloped it into her mouth wholly.

I couldn’t take it any longer, I just wanted to manhandle her. I placed both hands by the side of her head to hold it still and thrust my hips towards her face. She was visibly shocked the first few thrusts and seemed to enjoy it through her muffled moans. Her eyes gave the clearest sign that she was relishing in being used like this and created a comfortable vacuum with her mouth.

Approaching my climax, I released my grip on her head and groaned out. Cheryl understood this and retook control by gripped the base of my cock while gently caressing my balls as I unloaded into her, never breaking her gaze throughout the whole time.

She coughed and my cum spilled out the side of her mouth as she gestured to the box of tissue on the coffee table.

“You’re eating fruits for a week before I give you another blowjob.” she declared as she let out the cum out onto the tissue she palmed between her hands.

School Stress

It was self-study night and we were allowed back on the school compound for group studies if we so chose.

Cheryl and I planned to study in our usual group that evening, especially with the national exams coming up soon. There wasn’t much time to be spent looking for seats in a fast food restaurant or waiting around aimlessly in the neighbourhood library where every other student from every other school would be vying for the same. Therein laid our greatest incentives to study in school.

Readily accessibility to tutors and friends who were subject experts on the myriad of topics we had to prepare for. We couldn’t be more sold on the idea.

When we had made the decision to study as such the night before, I would have never expected Cheryl to do anything else but study. A straight A’s student, school counsellor, team captain for the school’s swim team, and the one who pretty much organises her cell group’s activities, who would be as straight as her? Who would imagine her to be anything else but?

I couldn’t help but notice the subtle difference in the way her blouse sat on her shoulders, when we met for our usual breakfast routine in school before heading for the day’s assembly to kickstart the day. I couldn’t tell what exactly.

We didn’t have this routine in the beginning. It started out when we were in this year when we were supposed to prepare for our exams, where it somehow seemed that she’d both spontaneously decided to meet earlier in school for breakfast after an incident where she came earlier by chance to see me have my breakfast alone. About a week into the routine then, I realised that by seating myself at a particular corner, she’d seat herself next to me on my right to face the field as we’d have our morning coffee. I had reasons for doing this, one would be to have something other than crowds of students to look, save for the other ladies, the other would be to sneak a daily early peek at her bra between the gaps the placket offered. Sometimes though, I’d be forced to miss the peeking at the peaks because it’d be too risky, or that we’d have another friend joining us that morning, or that I wasn’t lucky enough to catch a glimpse because the placket didn’t simply buckle the other way.

As more time went by, it became a habit that she’d be on the right side of me as if it became part of our routine, breakfast or not. Lo and behold, I also slowly became more acquainted at the time of brassieres she wore – nothing ever too exciting and the occasional sports bra. Not that I never enjoyed the variety, but I loved how some times of the month where her breasts will swell a little and give the view a little more shape than usual. It’d always been wonderful to leave it to the imagination as to what was truly below.

This morning was that one day where I wasn’t lucky because the placket didn’t let me have it my way. I was distracted in a way. I tried to spy for the tell tale signs of the bra straps the moment she turned her back to me, needless to say that didn’t help much. Throughout the rest of the day I couldn’t figure it out nor could I see anything meaningful. However Cheryl was visibly different today. Not just from appearances, but also her behaviour. She was fidgeting a lot throughout the day, crossing her legs repeatedly, leaning forward on her arm tucked under chest against the desk and darting her eyes across the classroom as if she was looking out for something, distracted and unfocused. Even while we had to change our location, she’d hug her textbooks in front of her. This only piqued my curiosity further.

There wasn’t any real way for me to approach the subject. A school friend asking why the female friend had been out of sorts for the whole day – out of the blue.

An hour into our studious activities, I decided to take a short break to digest a few chapters of European History and made my way to the toilet. As usual, Cheryl was seated to my right and I noticed that she looked up at me as I got myself out of the long benches of the canteen and walked along the tables towards the direction the toilet was at. Feeling the buzz of my phone as I turned the corner, I read a message for Cheryl to wait for her at the stairs near the toilet as she wanted to use the toilet as well, but heard that the ground floor toilet was choked thus hoping that I could accompany her to the toilets on the upper floors.

I could understand her hesitation to venture alone as the school wasn’t lit save for the school canteen and the corridors leading to the nearest toilet and the staff room. What puzzled me was that she’d rather ask me for my company than to get Amanda to accompany her instead.

Wiping my hands against the back of my pants as I came out, I found Cheryl leaning with her hands behind her lower back, leaning against the wall smiling cheekily as I approached her. She spun eagerly towards the stairs and walked in front of me. Except for the ambient lights coming from the EXIT signs at the stairwells and whatever dim residual light coming from the HDB flats towering outside the school, it was dark. I couldn’t make out anything in the dark except for the whites of her shoes and her fluttering skirt as we made our way up. I took this opportunity to stare at her butt, swaying as she walked up the stairs – I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to cop a feel. Lost in her bosom, I didn’t notice Cheryl turning her head slightly as we turned around the stairs, neither did I notice that we’d already past the second floor and were reaching the third.

She stopped us under the EXIT sign and turned around. Then I realised the height difference between us when she tip-toed up closing the physical distance between us, her breathing down my neck as she looked up into my eyes as I squinted under the pale bluish green light of the overhead EXIT sign buzzing away.

“I know you’ve been looking, in the past months since we started having breakfast together.” Cheryl whispered, never breaking her stare as if she was determined to find some semblance of guilt and shame in my eyes.

I was in denial that she might know. “Could you be a little bit more specific? I don’t quite know where this is coming from.”

“You know, some times it’s black, skin tone, if not blue. Amongst other colours.” This gave it away. She knew what I’d been doing, and she smiled when she realised I was stunned.

“Lately, I’ve been finding out ways to de-stress. Exercising’s too much effort, swimming doesn’t cut it any more. I spoke with Amanda about this. She told me that..she masturbates to relieve the pressure. She showed me once, and what in the world have I been missing out on.” Cheryl whispered into my ear and all I could focus on was the intoxicating fragrance of her hair and the exceedingly disturbing confession I heard from her.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t turned on by her confession. Cheryl never came across as the type who would experiment. I was still trying to come to terms with her words when I instinctively put my hands on her waist and pulled her in to kiss her. When we broke the kiss then it dawned on me how she looked, bright round eyes, a smile that brightened up the world, and the cutest dimples you’d find. Absolutely the most innocent looking catholic in a ponytail you can find in a school uniform. Definitely a far cry from Amanda.

“Come, the Counsellor’s room is unlocked.” leading me towards the corner where the said room was located.

I’ve long wondered what gorgeous bodies the unflattering school uniforms had underneath. Cheryl’s was kind of an open secret given that she’s on the swim team, so I had an idea of what it might look like bare. But tonight I was going to find out. Just when she grasped the door handle while holding my hand in the other, she snapped towards me.

“I’ve been really, really horny today. I’ve just recently discovered porn and orgasms. Now, I’ve had nothing but images of cocks and fucking in my head for the whole day. All I’ve been really wondering about is how a cock feels at all. This isn’t the way I imagined I’d be losing my virginity, but if it’s you.”

I reached out for the door handle, placed my hand on hers, gently turning the handle to let ourselves in quietly locking the door behind us. We ignored the fact that turning on the air-con then would turn on the the external unit on the first floor, as we made our way by the window where the leather sofa sat beneath. Finally being able to be completely frank with her, “What’re you wearing for your bra today? I couldn’t see it.” as we sat down by the sofa having left our footwear and socks by the door.

She placed her arms on my shoulders, wrapping them behind my neck and looked me wryly in the eyes, “I was hoping you’d ask this today. Why don’t you take a look?”

With trepidation, I unbuttoned her blouse and found myself staring at the skin tone strapless bra  as I pushed her blouse to her sides while she quickly withdrew her arms to shyly cover her chest.

“Don’t just stare.”

I understood then gently laid her on her back, kissing her softly and released her ponytail. It was her virgin experience and it wasn’t appropriate to rush, but I’d been having fantasies of fucking Cheryl for the longest time. Oh – what plans I had for her, but the reality of the situation demanded something else. A slow, tantalizing experience for Cheryl to take away before I may have her in the manner I preferred.

I sat myself up, to see her back to covering her breasts as she looked towards the middle of the room. The confidence she had from earlier had all but gone away. In order for me to start playing with her nipples, I had to gently pry open her arms then and undo her bra – conveniently the one she wore was clipped at the front. Cheryl was very turned on by the situation at this point, as I pulled apart her bra to reveal her breasts in the full glory they deserved, I paused for a moment to commit the view to memory.

Cheryl – school team swim lead, arguably one of the smartest students in the school, counsellor, and probably one of the more coveted girls; lying there on a sofa with the top spread wide open with  pair of perfect B cup breasts, gently lit by whatever grey ambient light that crept in from the urban jungle.

Her moderately sized nipples appeared black under the lighting and didn’t do justice to what they really were. I eagerly placed my palms around on each of her breasts, feeling the firmness of it as I gently applied pressure through my fingers as if squeezing a balloon. Her eyes were closed and her face was clearly showing anxiety. Strangely, Cheryl wasn’t moaning yet and ironically, haven’t met my raging hard on either.

I then proceeded to pay attention to her nipples. While shifting my weight, Cheryl seemed to understand my intention and widened the gap between her legs slightly, allowing me to put my weight on my left knee as I placed it against her groin. In doing so, I felt something cold just above my knee – she was soaking through her panties. This only got wetter, but warmer when I twirled her right nipple between my fingers and licked the other with my tongue, gradually sucking it while flicking the nipple. She gave her approval and endorsement of her virgin experience of a guy giving physical carnal attention to her breasts by grabbing the back of my neck and moving her hips against my leg repeatedly, though her moans were still repressed.

Finally having enough of her breasts, I left her breasts to unbutton my shirt while she stared at the bulge in my pants.

“It’s not the first time I’ve noticed that. For the past two months, I’ve been coming in the mornings wondering what was under it. Sometimes, I’d deliberately let you sneak at peak under my shirt and see that grow in size a little.” Cheryl sat herself up and pulled her bra from behind, leaving it hanging from the backrest of the seat then turned her focus to my pants.

She placed her hand over the zip as if to gauge the size it, then lowered the zip and undid the button at the top and slowly lowered the flap while pulling down my pants on one side. After I’d thrown my shirt on the table I lowered the other side of the pants she neglected as I saw her still staring down at my crotch. While she stared at my underwear, I stroked her hair to silently hint to her that it’s the the way forward.

You could tell she wasn’t all that experienced. But all that went away when she pulled down my underwear and wrapped her cold fingers around the shaft, her eyes opened wider as if she struck gold. She kicked her hair back and looked back up at me with those eyes in wonderment, smiling as she gripped my cock and stroked it. I could barely make out her dimples in the darkness of it all, not the mention that the sight of her face against the contrasting backdrop of her moving her hands along my cock and her bare breasts hanging loosely not too far below – she definitely wouldn’t let me take a video or even a picture of this scandalous, yet most memorable moment.

Evidently, she was more comfortable now. I gestured her to lay back on the sofa while I dropped my pants onto the floor and lifted her legs into the air to remove her soaked through panties and threw that onto the table next to my shirt. I didn’t bother to take a look at her pussy to take advantage of the moment as she spread her legs, lifting her skirt up onto her flat tummy, and placed my cock in front of her vagina.

Cheryl was unbelievably wet there was obviously no need for foreplay. The realisation didn’t come until I rubbed my the tip along the length of her vagina in an attempt to spread her fluids out before I inserted into her. There was no visible resistance from her except for her concerned expression that reminded me to be gentle with her. When I placed my cock slightly inside of her vagina, she winced out slightly in pain. At that point, I found myself instinctively moving myself forward over her, assuming the missionary position to kiss her while I inched my way slowly into her.

Tight, warm and very wet. Fucking Cheryl was different from the others. There was no compulsion to just fuck her, unlike when it came to fucking Amanda. Instead, greater pleasure was derived from giving her long, slow strokes into her. Her deep breathing and the restrained moans from both pain and pleasure was a great incentive to fuck her harder and faster, but I wanted to savour the moment of taking Cheryl’s virginity away from her.

“It’s painful, but keep going.” Cheryl managed to say this much between the moans after I broke the kiss.

I could feel her getting wetter down below, but I couldn’t tell if it was from the blood that came from the hymen. It wasn’t just feeling her wetness any longer, I could hear it. Each stroke came with the satisfying sound of her moan and the audible slip of my cock thrusting in and out of her. After, she unexpectedly took the initiative and hooked her ankles behind me and gyrated her hips upwards, increasing the tempo slightly, tightening her vagina each time she moved herself up.

Her moans became increasingly laboured but she no longer held back as it resounded across the small room we were in. She then paused for a short moment when she released the unlocked her ankles behind me and dropped herself onto the sofa, shuddering in pleasure as she gripped my back while my unspent cock slipped out.

Standing up while she was still lost in her orgasm, I heard the dull vibration of my phone come on from my pants lying on the floor. Retrieving my phone, I saw Amanda’s name flash across the screen with the green telephone icon to pick up her call.

“Are you two lovebirds done with the toilet yet? You’ve been gone for what. 20, 25 minutes? Isn’t that enough?” Amanda knew exactly what was going on. She probably had a part in this.

Looking at Cheryl still lying there spent, eyes closed and with her uniform crumpled. Admiring her beautiful body lined with layer of sweat reflecting the little light that barely lit the room, “I don’t think it will ever be enough. But we’ll come down after she finishes me.” I hung up the phone and went back to Cheryl.

Her face was filled with a peaceful serenity. She looked satisfied. Taking a picture was too tempting, but the flash would give it away. I decided against it and placed the phone on the armrest of the sofa.

I lifted up her hand and guided it to my still hard cock. She reacted by kneeling on the sofa and removing whatever clothes she had left on her.

“That’s going to leave a stain.” she gestured to the damp patch of her skirt as she started stroking me. Clearly, she was intent on having me finish on her breasts. Then she paused for a moment.

“Wait.” She reached into the pocket of her skirt and removed her phone. After a few quick taps and turning on the torchlight on the phone, she handed it to me. “Take a video of you cumming on me. I want to keep it.”

She was audacious. I’ll give her that, but that also meant I lost the golden opportunity to take other videos.

The phone sounded off a tone signifying that the recording started, I raised the phone higher to capture her face looking up into me as she squinted her eyes against the light and worked on my shaft. What I didn’t expect her to do was to lower her face to my slightly bloodied cock then cover the tip with her mouth, sucking it as she continued to stroke the rest of my rod, looking back up into the camera with her large eyes. That was the sexiest sight of the night and sealed it. She swiftly raised herself back up just before I released my load unto her breasts and continued to look into my eyes. I wasn’t sure if she was a virgin before all this any more with all the mixed signals.

“Was it good? I remembered that from a video Amanda showed me.”

“It was sexy as hell, and it was awesome.” a smile spread across her face as the phone continued the recording. “Okay, time for us to go. We still have studying to do. You good now?”

“Yes. And since our last paper is next Friday, I was wondering if you’d be free in the afternoon? I’ve no interest in going out to town with the rest. There’ll be no one at my place either.”

“Only if you give me the video we just took.”

She pondered this over for a while I handed her some wet wipes I found lying around. “Find out if I’ll give it to you when you’re over at my place.” There’s just no way this girl was letting up, and I’m not going to complain.



Don’t mind the titles. I just have no idea what to put here.

Sarah was tied down to a chair, as if she were a prisoner, robbed of whatever dignity she had left and her sight with a blind fold. Left to be shivering on a cold wooden chair, save for the cushioned seats, in an equally cold room, not knowing what would happen next. She was anxious. Not being able to see was one thing, but only being able to hear and leaving everything to the mind to discern what was actually going on – that’s something else. What was supposed to be a staycation with her boyfriend became something else.

In the past week, she kept badgering him on wanting to be surprised. He said that it would come soon, during the staycation.

Sarah always had a large sexual appetite. Not to say that her boyfriend was incompetent or incapable. In her own little way, she’d make him feel adequate. Yet, he would know that she wasn’t entirely satisfied, always wanted something a little bit more. So after enough badgering, he had an idea. He knew a friend he could trust, but this friend of his was taken aback when he gave this proposal. It took a little convincing, especially to keep all this under wraps after the event.

When she heard the magnetic card slide into lock, unlocking the door with a distinct muffled click followed by the shuffling of a pair of shoes, no, two pairs of shoes against the carpet floor. All she could hear after was a heavy bag being dropped and her boyfriend walking towards her as he gave instructions to someone to take a quick shower and go over. No longer being able to hear anything distinctly with the sound of the shower running in the background, she was startled when her boyfriend cupped her cheek and kissed her as she was left immobilised.

Jack rose to position his erect member next to Sarah’s head, and moved her head towards the side. Sarah anticipated this for a while, to possibly have to give a blowjob. No words were exchanged between them ever since Jack returned with a stranger, and now she was just sucking him off. She knew now that obviously that she was in for a threesome, but she didn’t know who the stranger was – not even the gender.

She had no semblance of control over the situation – her head was locked by Jack’s hand and bobbed back and forth the length of his cock, while her breast was being caressed by his other hand. Sarah snapped back into focus from enjoying the the pleasures of the moment when she heard the shower stop and the door open. She was no longer anxious – she was excited by the prospect of finally having a threesome, simply wondering of the third wheel was another cock for her to ride or a lesbian partner. Either way, it was one more item to be struck out from her bucket list.

The stranger smiled at Jack when the sight of a helpless Sarah with a cock in her mouth came into view and proceeded to the bed to set up a strap as planned. The strap was to go under the bed with the two ends of the strap ending up top side, so that Sarah would later have her hands tied towards the sides of the bed leaving her hands out of the way of her breasts and mouth. That day was going to be about Sarah being pleasured throughout.

Giving up on trying to figure out who the stranger was, she decided to obediently continue sucking Jack off as she felt Jack’s member get harder while he started to thrust into her mouth instead. Unable to see, she could focus on feeling the veins on his cock in greater detail, pulsating harder, the taste of his pre-cum stronger as she swirled her tongue around his cock in between the thrusts. Jack started to increase the pace of his thrusts while reducing the depths, Sarah prepared herself for Jack to cum into his mouth and held her breath – awaiting for Jack’s groan and hot semen to spill out.

He did, and pushed Sarah’s head further down his cock as she jerked slightly in reflex.

Just as well, the stranger was done setting up the strap and approached Jack to tap him on the shoulder.

Not giving Sarah a chance to clean up after herself, Jack and the stranger unstrapped Sarah from the chair to transfer her onto the bed. Sarah left behind a dark patch on the cushion when she stood up to be guided to the bed by Jack and the stranger with no opportunity to lift her blindfold to sneak a peek.

Sarah was strapped to the bed in tandem and there she was, facing belly up with only her legs free to wriggle and head free to turn, lift, and nothing more.

Taking advantage of a still erect cock, Jack put himself in front of Sarah’s wet pussy. He looked at it for a little bit and instead left to take his phone. The stranger ignored Jack’s presence for the time being as agreed beforehand. “Do what you want” was the mandate Jack gave the stranger. With that mandate in mind, the stranger approached Sarah from one side and bent over to lick circles around Sarah’s nipples, looking to have her moans fill the silent room.

When Jack returned to see the stranger already working on Sarah with her moaning away in pleasure, he got hard again while soaking in the scene before him. At the same time, Jack was greeted with Sarah’s leaking pussy and decided to take a video to document Sarah’s first threesome experience. Calling out the stranger so that the face would be caught in the frame for a moment, Jack moved the camera to Sarah’s half covered face, clearly in sweet agony and oblivious to the phone’s flashlight. Panning the camera towards Sarah’s shaved vagina close-up, his fingers came into the frame to move the lips of her vagina aside to reveal a glistening hole convulsing hole.

“Jack, fuck me, please.” Sarah was pleading with Jack as the stranger alternated between her breasts.

Complying with her plea, Jack lifted her legs up and and slid his rod in uncomfortably as Sarah was tightening up her vagina the whole time. Sarah was turned on, never before at this level where she would be squirming near an orgasm when Jack had barely started to fuck her. She pulled the straps inwards to her chest as she yelled out to their surprise and started convalescing forcing the stranger to stop while Jack continued fucking Sarah through her orgasm.

The stranger moved towards Jack and whispered into his ear. He replied with a nod in agreement. Then the stranger went across Jack on the other side of the bed to bend over Sarah to kiss her and unbuckle the leather straps restraining Sarah. She was still recovering from her orgasm as she kissed the stranger, still unaware of the stranger’s identity.

With her hands now free, Sarah caressed the stranger’s head and was surprised to feel a relatively soft, short ponytail. Roaming her hands over her head towards the stranger’s chest, she found herself cupping the supple breasts of a woman.

Jack had already placed his phone against the pillow as he stared at the two girls engage in passionate tongue work, pulling out of Sarah for a short breather.

Breaking the kiss with her attempt to remove the blindfold, Sarah squinted her eyes to focus on the stranger’s face, as she laid there to see the stranger pull herself up to stand up looking down at her. Throwing the blindfold aside, baffled.

“You got my best friend to do this?!” she yelled at Jack, raising herself up.

Christina pushed Sarah onto the bed to pin her down.

“Just because you got your orgasm, doesn’t mean we stop now.” spreading her legs wide, bringing Sarah’s leg towards her own arms slightly, presenting Jack with a choice of two wet pussies to fuck.

Reaching out to his still recording phone, he filmed the two vaginas for a moment while fingering Christina, recording her muffled moans as she kissed Sarah and deliberately moved her chest to have Sarah’s nipples rub against hers. Admittedly, Sarah was getting turned on by the whole situation – Christina had a body that she was jealous of. Better proportioned and a killer waist, she’d be lying if she ever said she didn’t fantasising of having a lesbian relationship with her behind Jack’s back.

Ready for another round of fucking, Jack rubbed the tip of his cock against Christina’s pussy to spread her juice, before pushing himself into Christina inviting a loud sensual moan from her. She was waiting to be fucked the moment she stepped out of the shower.

Freeing Sarah’s hands as she positioned herself into a more comfortable position over her while being fucked from behind, Christina stopped kissing Sarah as she lost herself being completely absorbed on enjoying the intermittent spikes of pleasure that accompanied each thrust into her.

Sarah took advantage of the long awaited freedom to start masturbating herself beneath Christina, sexually excited by her boyfriend fucking her hot friend on top of her. Deriving a satisfaction from the fact that her boyfriend was being lusted after by a girl sexier than her, seeing Christina’s face of sweet, undignified pleasure.

Jack exclaimed that he was cumming and Christina responded by tightening her grip around his cock. Sarah didn’t stay still either, she hugged her friend with one hand and played with Christina’s clitoris, sending her into euphoria as she approached her own orgasm, demanding that Jack don’t stop.

Christina’s moaning reached a crescendo, stopping when she felt Jack unloading into her just as she felt her orgasm take over her. Sarah stopped paying attention to Christina’s clit and shifted it to caressing her boyfriend’s balls as he slowed down his strokes, with their love juices dripping onto her hand as she cupped him.

The two girls whispered something to each other as Jack prepared to reach out to his phone to check his recording. They turned to him as he reached the edge of the bed and pulled him back to lie him down onto the bed.

It was a moment he really wished to have his phone in his hands now. Feeling two pairs of breasts on his lower legs, staring down at two beautiful girls licking away at the shaft of his cock as they stared back, he felt himself getting hard again.


I won’t forget this one time, in fact I remember it quite clearly. Why? Because it was the day after I got my car. Strangely, my wife wasn’t the first passenger I had in the car. Natalie was. It was a little bit of a dangerous game then. Now that I try to recall, certain things may not be as clear as I think it is.

There’s something I dislike – having my keys in my pockets, or coins for that matter. Anything else that’s not my phone, in my mind don’t belong in pockets; it’s just too uncomfortable. So I have a habit of taking out my keys placing them on the table whenever I get to my desk at the office. Natalie on the other hand, has the habit of greeting me in her own special ways (depending on who arrived first) – conveniently because our cubicle’s situated adjacent to each other. This habit of hers began ever since our tryst at Capri.

She wore a short, blue tube dress that Friday morning. As she walked by my cubicle, she gave me a wink, placed her hand on my desk, and stood less than a feet away from me. I could feel her presence even without turning my head. Half the office was away on a long weekend while the other half wouldn’t be in for at least another ten minutes – this we knew full well. It was as if she was beckoning me to turn to face her. I obeyed.

I shifted the chair into the cubicle as I turned, and I found her looking right down at me. Hair dyed brown towards the ends, snow white skin, and that trademark, damned kissable lips of hers cheekily grinning away. What a sight to have in the morning. If only I knew what the grin was hiding I would have stuffed my face into dress then lifted her skirt up to find her not wearing any panties – but I didn’t.

“So I see you’ve collected your car. You’re “taking me out to lunch” later, yeah?” her eyes fixated on the car key. You could tell she had something in mind, even without her gesturing the quotation marks in the air with her hands, leaving something on my desk as she turned to her cubicle.

I stared at her ass, looking for that panty outline that would appear from the back from how tight her dress was. She liked wearing tight dresses – not that anyone had any complaints. Not finding any, I waited for her to bend down to slide her bag underneath her desk.

I don’t know if she does this on purpose, but her morning routine involves her sliding her bag. Whenever she does this, she never kneels down. Never. Even before we started fucking – my head has always turned towards her direction when she performed that part of the routine.

That morning, I realized why I couldn’t find the panty line. Initially, I thought it might have been a g-string – I was wrong, she wasn’t wearing anything, and her pussy was clean shaven.

She spent a little longer than usual, fumbling in her bag before sliding the bag under, and removing something else at the same time. As she stood back up and faced me, she had in her hand a pair of leopard print panties and looked at what she left on my table. It was then I realised what the whole get up was.

A vibrating panty.

She slowly approached me and led my left hand under her dress – she was starting to get wet as I slowly played with her clit, moving back and forth slowly, with her slow soft moans coming along with each stroke.

We halted our little moment and gave Natalie the little bit of time to put on her discrete toy. I couldn’t help but admire her chest, ignoring her verbal instructions on the remote she left to me.

“Hey! Are you listening?”

“Nope, how hard can this be anyway?” as I finished, we both flicked our heads towards the sound of glass door opening while I fumbled with the small plastic box I had in my hand to find the on button.

It was faint – but I could make out the dull hum of her toy before she left for her cubicle. Definitely one of the sounds of pleasure and absolutely not dull at all.

As she sat down to prepare for the rest of the day, the hum faded into the background with the central aircon blasting away and her cheeks began to flush red. Her breathing became more laboured too.

Barely ten minutes into her wearing the panties, she was leaning back into her chair with her head turned towards me. Mouthing away, asking me to increase the intensity of the toy so that she could cum.

I ignored her requests and soon she was sitting upright, with legs tucked underneath the chairs towards the rear arching her belly forward to put pressure on her clit with her finger against the seat. Natalie bit her lips with her eyes in an effort to control her breathing. Damn, she was hot, even from the side.

She grabbed her boob over her tube. Her mouth was slightly open and the other hand was moving slightly now. She was essentially masturbating in the office, and was going to have an orgasm at 9.40 a.m.

Fine, I thought. I increased the intensity by two notches, and her faced changed slightly. But you could tell she was loving it, the slight jerks, followed by that slight frown that represented the ecstasy that pulsed through her whole body in brief intermittent bursts.

When she was finished, she swivelled her chair towards me and revealed her panty only to pull it to the side then fingered herself in front of me as she free one boob and squeezed it.

She knew I was hard, she could tell.

“Breakfast?” I asked. With an obvious, ulterior motive.

“Do you even have to ask?

The list

The lights were off in their hotel room, at 9.30 p.m. on a Friday. Carol was on her knees as she unbuckled Zack’s belt for the day while clutching onto a wet wipe in one hand. She was hungry for action, with wild thoughts running through her head during her unproductive day.

Perpetually distracted in front of her workstation, she simply sat there. Luckily for her, her cubicle was conveniently seated in the far corner of the office. Not that she complained, nor did she want the any additional attention that what she already got. With all the glances from the guys in the office, it was enough to seed little thoughts into her head. Threesomes, gang bangs, or simply doing her as she’s bent over the keyboard at her desk.

To partially prepare for the night, she wrote down a list of things they would have to do to each other that night, and sent a picture of a hastily written note next to her bare breast from her workstation – asking Zack to pick a number. To her dismay, he picked 7.

She did nothing more than to look forward to meeting Zack for their staycation that night. They had planned this a month ago, taking off for a sex filled weekend starting from Friday. The pressure cooker environment they each worked in only contributed to their sex drive. Carol had a high drive before they met, regularly attending carefully selected orgies, and participating in thoroughly screened gang bangs. Aware of the risks all these carried, she left nothing to chance. All this changed when she met Zack. During their time together, she became faithful – despite the lust she harboured deep inside, for another cock to caress, to straddle, to have thrusting into her slowly.

No longer being able to have another man lift her skirt, pull her panties down to her ankles and fuck her from behind as she bent forward over her laptop at her workstation – she was content now with trying to satisfy her one man.

Her eyes had already adjusted to the lack of lighting in the room. It was partially lit with the light of the city down below, through the full length windows of the hotel behind her. Looking into Zack’s eyes, she noticed that he was staring out of the window with his brows slightly frowned, deep in thought. Again thinking about the future, about other ways of making money, not about the impending blowjob, not the sex they were supposed to have, nor the red pouf dress that ended off just above the knee – his favourite.

Unzipping a pair of pants to expose the member it housed, was an activity Carol was very familiar with, and particularly fond of. Doing so in one swift motion and she was preparing Zack’s cock for her mouth. Gently clutching his cock with her hand and admiring the contrast of his member against her red finger nails in the incandescent light from the streets. Something inside her stirred as she slowly stroked along the length of it to get it hard.

As if on cue, Carol lifted herself to place her moist mouth over the tip of it while Zack lifted his glass to take a sip from his iced coffee. She licked the top of his cock gently, tracing along the edge of the mushroom shaped head, gradually to coat the entire rod in her saliva as she sucked the air out of her mouth, creating a vacuum while moving down towards the base. Cupping his scrotum with her other hand, playing with them as if they were the most precious thing in the world to her.

She was enjoying this. Filling up her mouth with an erected cock with her eyes closed, feeling the surrounding veins, and that irresistible little shift every guy makes with his cock, to subtly hint to his girl the tremendous pleasure he was getting. The panties she was wearing was gradually getting wetter with every stroke she slowly completed, but she wasn’t satisfied with just this. The shift wasn’t the signal she was looking for, the moans weren’t it either. Not the pre-cum, not the shift in his seat, she was looking another signal as she opened her eyes to look for Zack’s – they were still gazing out.

Unable to ignore her pussy any longer, she left Zack’s scrotum and reached down between her knees to finger herself in the same rhythm she bobbed her head. Moaning with her mouth full as she felt her legs become slightly weak when she felt her G-spot and concentrated on that area.

Zack carefully placed his iced coffee on the coaster of the glass coffee table next to him, and turned towards Carol. Looking into her eyes as he ran his finger through her hair as she continued sucking him off. That was the signal that she was looking for – the undivided attention of the man she pledged her near, impossible to fathom faithfulness to.

Picking herself up from the blowjob, she rose to put her arms on his shoulders as Zack reached under her skirt and lowered her panties. As soon as she freed her right ankle from the panties, she ignored the rest of it and lifted her right leg onto the arm of the chair, so that she may straddle Zack without having to delay being fucked. Zack stretched out his legs to lift himself slightly from the chair to free himself a little bit more from his pants, Carol was getting impatient from all this.

With his hands under Carol’s skirt, following her bare bubble butt as she lowered her pussy to find the tip of Zack’s cock. Her vagina was wet – this was an understatement, she was dripping slightly onto Zack before he had entered her. Zack couldn’t feel this either as his cock was still wet from Carol’s mouth, the culmination of the lubricants rendered the entry into Carol effortless. She tightened her grip on his shoulders as she slowly found a comfortable pace to straddle Zack, kissing and moaning into him as she embraced the moment.

It wasn’t a problem for them – Carol was on the pill, both were clean, but this was the part Carol enjoyed more than her own orgasm. Zack was releasing his load into Carol as she continued to straddle him. She smiled as she reached around under her skirt to feel their warm cum leak from her onto his balls while he tightened his grip on her butt. Perhaps it was talent, or an ability, but Zack seldom had the hypersensitive sensation after cumming – so Carol could continue to fuck him.

She wasn’t done yet, still quietly enjoying the sensation of having a pulsating cock in her, rubbing against her G-spot with every gyration she made on top of him. Soon, she was subconsciously increasing the stride and pace of her hips, slowly gripping his cock tighter as she began to moan louder. Zack helped her by moving his hips slightly in tandem with her motion when she shifted her arms to hug him tightly to prepare herself from the pleasure of letting herself go completely in her orgasm.

Choking slightly, she stopped breathing as she allowed her whole weight to be borne by Zack alone briefly after she raised herself slightly, accidentally sliding Zack’s cock out while she enjoyed her orgasm.

While she recovered from her orgasm, she wrapped her arms around Zack’s head, smiling into his face while he looked back into her eyes. It was a long time since she had an orgasm like that.

“Baby, pick another number, please. Between 1 and 15, except for 7.”

“We’re not done for the night yet?”

“Oh – no. Even if you don’t pick another number, I’m still going to keep you awake. I need more.”

“Then what’s the point of picking a number. Just do what you want to do.”

“There’s no fun in that baby, I don’t want to think about what to do right now. Quick, pick a number.”

“Fine. 14.”

Carol grinned as she lifted herself from the chair to turn herself towards the window. Unzipping the top of her pouf dress from the back, she dropped her dress onto the floor and removed her bra. She knew this was one thing Zack had always asked her for, but she never acceded to it because she was never comfortable with it, despite her wild sexcapades with orgies and gangbangs. It was only 10.15 p.m., and their hotel room wasn’t exactly at the highest floor either.

“You know how you keep asking to fuck me against the window? This is your one chance to do just that, baby.” with only her silhouette visible to him, and the playful reflection of light from the trail of cum leaking down from her inner thigh.

“A blowjob without asking, and fucking you naked against the window. Fucking you in the lobby later better be on that list too.” Zack replied as he rose from the chair to bend Carol slightly against the window.

Putting his cock into Carol’s pussy to fuck her again, Carol found herself unable to control her moans.

“Just 13 more things that we have two more nights for you to find out with.” She squeezed out from in between her breaths.

The First Cheat

Natalie came out of the toilet wrapped in a white linen towel held by one hand as she turned towards the far corner of the room to seat herself in front of the mirror to open up her bag. There was no real need for her to cover herself and the translucent curtains were drawn blocking a good amount of morning light, but it was cold – a common thing in these hotels, especially in Capri by Frasers.

It was a large room, comes with a small kitchen capable of simple cooking. For the night that just past, there was no cooking done. Just a lot of one thing.

We had just finished up a small part of a project we were tasked to do, and now that my wife was out of the country with her parents, and Natalie’s boyfriend was too busy, things got a little out of hand yesterday evening after we convened at what looked like a bar at Changi City Point after our meeting. The project was now out of our hands for the time being, and the pressure was now on another department for two weeks before it’ll fall back on our plates. A breather, finally.

As we settled the bill last evening, stood up to leave, she brushed her hand against my crotch by accident and was taken aback slightly. She looked at me, and I explained that her low cut top of her black dress was very much responsible for that reaction. Of course it didn’t help that my wife has been out of the country for about a week, and won’t be back until another week and a half because of some convention she had to attend for her work, so I haven’t been able to have proper release and have been tense throughout the dinner.

“Do you need help with it?” she asked quietly as she stared straight into my eyes. She was serious. Could I refuse? Should I? I looked down into her cleavage, and down to her A cut skirt, and damn it was gorgeous.

It would have been a turn off to be declined by the hotel due to a lack of rooms, but we were in luck. The next thing we knew, we were in the elevator. Natalie was frisky already, she explained that she had been, and really needed something to fill her up because her boyfriend had been busy and had been neglecting her. She slipped off her black thong and placed it in my hands, she was already wet.

This deserves an explanation. Natalie is by far one of the better looking girls in the office. Well-dressed is an understatement, she had a reputation for wearing figure hugging clothes, especially on Friday nights such as last night and Human Resources never did anything about it. Sometimes, it was painful for me, our cubicles’re right next to each other. Occasionally, she’d turn to clarify a few things, strangely, she had this habit of turning her entire self towards me for her questions, especially when she was wearing a low top or a short skirt, she even commented that she brings around a small make-up kit in her work bag all the time. Now I wonder if she was hinting at something.

However, I always wondered what it’d be like to fuck her. Now she’s handing herself to me just like that.

Wrapping my arm around her waist as we exit the elevator and walked towards our room. It was a long walk, I suppose it’s because this room was the furthest from the elevator hence, being one of the last rooms to be released.

“Any particular preferences?” I asked.

“Nothing comes to mind. We’ll just do whatever we feel like. I just need my brains fucked out right now.”

“Sure, then I’m fucking you from behind against the window first. I’ve been wanting to fuck my wife like that, but she has never agreed, and it looks like she never will. Are you on the pill?”

“Yeah, I am. You don’t have any condoms on you?”

“For better or worse, nope. It’ll be fine if you’re on the pill.”

We were approaching the door when she clasped her hands around my cock from outside my pants when I slipped the card into the reader. She was really feisty at that point, she wasn’t kidding when she brought up that she needed to be fucked that much.

Dropping her bag on the table, she pointed to her zip behind. I pulled her zip down slowly with one hand, and moved my other hand down the side of her body to feel the sensual curves she has. What a turn on. She pulled the sides of her dress down from her shoulders to reveal that she had been wearing a strapless bra and wriggled herself out of the dress then turned herself to me to reveal her shaved pussy as she proceeded to undress me while I continued to rest my hands on the top of her waist by the sides.

When she was done, she said: “Into the shower first.”

Tiptoeing towards my left ear, “Then you do me against the window, and as a bonus, with the curtains drawn. Full view of the pool below, you know” it sounded like it wasn’t her first time here either.

“The curtains will be drawn the whole night, Natalie. If anyone sees us, I want them to see a hot girl being fucked. We’ll close the curtains after we’re done, that’s what should happen.”, I replied as pulled herself from me to go into the toilet to put on a shower cap as I went to draw the curtains directly opposite the toilet entrance.. Not the sexiest of things, but I suppose it’d make sense to not have her hair wet for whatever is to come – don’t know for how long or how many times.

She pulled me into the toilet and under the rainshower and switched the water on. I marvelled at how round, and perfect her butt was while the water washed down her back. She was still facing the shower when she took the bottle of soap, I moved in closer to her hugging her from behind, feeling my erected cock against her butt then moving my hands to her breasts and clitoris.

Her moans echoed amidst the sound of the shower with I squeezed her breasts, biting her neck gently and teased her vagina.

“Mmmmm… stop.” she reached out to close off the water, turned around and soaped me up first.

We haven’t fucked yet when we were done in the shower.

After we’ve dried ourselves before the mirror, she grabbed my member with her hand and stroked it slowly while removing the shower cap to let her hair down.

“Now. We’re ready for the window. Come.” she flicked her long hair back to look up at me, she smiled. Her smile was something else, it wasn’t a slutty smile. It was one that almost looked serene and happy.

It was so comfortable with her. Everything felt almost natural, as if we’d done this together before, even though we haven’t. She put her knees, apart on the edge of the sofa, and leaned forward to put her elbows on the top of the backrest of the sofa to present her ass. Her soft hair slid down past her left shoulder as she found a comfortable position.

I teased her by playing with her vagina with my finger, leaned forward to smell her hair and grabbed her breast – alternating between grabbing and pinching her nipples. She got wetter, and started moaning again. Sliding one finger in, she arched her back slightly and held her breath for a brief moment. She was enjoying the feeling of someone apart from herself being inside her. I hesitated from going in all the way, just to tease her.

Finally unable to take the teasing any longer: “If you’re going to continue with this, I’m going to cum.” she wasn’t lying, her vagina had been squeezing my finger for a while now. Kegel exercises maybe, I could feel her vagina moving with just a middle finger, my wife wasn’t like that. Damn, what’s my wife doing all these while?

Removing my finger, I put my left hand on her butt cheek, to steady her as I stood up to position myself directly behind her proper. My cock found her vagina hole, and slid in slowly as she held her breath, and moved herself up from leaning on her elbows to stretching out her arms fully to raise herself up. A satisfied moan came out from her as I entered her completely and stopped for a while. She was tight, very tight and very wet; evidently a long drought for her.

Thrusting slowly into her, I admired the view our high floor room had to offer. Her moans were sensual, she was enjoying our tryst thoroughly, and I was enjoying her body and her company. I could tell she was losing herself in the fucking, it wasn’t that I was particularly good, but she really needed a fuck to let everything out. She brought her back up to me, moving my hands from her hip to her nipple and clit, she turned to her head to her left to signal for a kiss as she grabbed the back of my head with her right hand, I did, and her lips were soft.

Her eyes were still closed when we broke the kiss. It was soon that was the one thrusting her hips into mine. I looked in the window, and I noticed that there was a reflection of our silhouette was cast into the window with the light behind us. Her vagina was squeezing tighter now, and her moans sounded as if they were holding something back now. Her hands were grabbing onto my arms for support now, and her fingernails were digging into them. She was cumming soon.

I increased the pace of the fucking and she instinctively tightened her grip on everything. “Don’t stop” She was gasping by now.

“Just a little more. Ugh..” Her face was in a sweet twisted agony now.

Her breaths and moans stopped as I could feel the walls of her vagina convalescing onto my cock, she’s cumming now, and I was cumming soon too. Alternating between shivering and stiffening, her body was shuddering slightly as she arched her back slightly, all while I continued to fuck her.

Letting out a loud moan, she continued her shallowed breathing. “I came, and it was good. Keep going, I want you to cum inside of me.” She struggled to finish her sentence in between her moans, wriggling slightly from the hypersensitivity her orgasm came with.

I’d stopped with playing with her clit and breasts, and was now just hugging her from behind while she was on her knees as I fucked her. Moaning softly into her ear as a came into her vagina, and hugging her tighter as I enjoyed the orgasm she gave me.

“Mmmmmm…that’s it.” she muttered out softly as I spurted into her.

We were panting as she let herself onto the backrest again, while I left my cock in her for a bit, before removing it to examine the creampie I gave her. She was dripping with our cum now.

“Get on the bed, lay down. We’re continuing our little session.” she pointed to the bed as she got up to turn around and slid one finger into her vagina to coat it, then licking the cum-covered finger while she lowered her chin slightly and looked at me with puppy eyes, swaying her breasts left and right.

Damn she’s naughty, if only my wife were like that. I complied.

I laid on my back as she placed her knees just above my elbows next to it, and lowered her pussy onto my mouth, while she leaned forward to quickly wrap her lips around my cock.

As I recall, it was a wild and might have been a long night, and we stopped not too long ago.

Now, her phone rang by the bedside, it was her boyfriend. I grabbed it and walked towards her, showing her the phone as I spread her legs on the chair slightly and pulled the towel back to play with her clit. She answered the phone while she slide down the chair slightly while I wet her and fingered her.

“Okay, I’ll see you in about an hour and a half. I’ll need to get ready before I can meet you at Paya Lebar.” Lies. Paya Lebar was only 20 minutes away at most, even by train.

It’s no wonder she brought her make-up kit around – to meet her boyfriend immediately after a night like that.